Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cross Cake

Finally have time to post my cake pictures .. was busy baking cookies for my families and some as gifts for our cell members :D

Baked a buttercake and didn't know what to design for Mike and his 2 other colleagues whom celebrated their birthdays in the same month, so thought of making another Cross cake should be more appropriate :)

Mike chose this verse from Hebrews 10:25 "not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching."

He said : Ineed we should gather often as His people and drink of the Living Water; speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord.

In the Night Garden

Maybelline wanted to have a In the Night Garden theme cake for her little Matthias' 1st Birthday cake, she likes this cake but thankfully that she allowed me to create another design specially for her little darling.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dino cake

Cherie told me that Ryan wanted a dino cake for his 3rd birthday this year, she didn't have much requirements so I thought .. hmmmmm ... should be quite a fun theme .. this dino top tier was inspired by Debbie Brown's design and I've been wanting to make this cake for quite some time . ..., however .. dear Cherie gave me a real shock when she appeared at my doorstep on saturday for her cake :O

Oh my! I was trembling from head to toe as I thought I've made a blunder!!
Then we realised that she gave me the wrong date .. I really have to thank God that I've done the top tier first so .. told her to come back in an hour & 15 mins' time to collect .. I rushed rushed rushed .. and rushed to complete the cake ... phew - I broke my own record, I can never finish decorating a cake within such short time!!

After that, I was totally exhausted !!! Thankfully, that she likes the cake despite I didn't have much time to give her more details :D

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Tissue Box Cake

It's not easy to decorate a cake without a theme, although Doris didn't give me any stress at all but just told me some of the things that little Yi Jie loves to do .. but this cake did cracked my brain as to how to make it as cheerful as him!!!

Little Yi Jie likes to play with tissue paper .. he loves to pull out tissue after tissue from the tissue box, tear them into pieces .. he is a active boy that smiles a lot. Yi Jie loves to chase after their miniature schnauzer

Their only requirements are to have Happy 1st birthday on the cake or cake board and that the cake design is bright and cheerful.
So, I've decided to make a cheerful tissue box, with bright and cheerful colours to compliment the PM figurine that they provided and was so happy that she likes the design :)

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Little Carabelle's apple cake

Christine had been communicating with me since last July on the design for little Carabelle's 1st birthday cake, her requirements were listed :
The background we are thinking of a pasture of green with some trees with the following characters:
- an apple hse (coz my ger likes the 啪啪手,吃平果 song)
- a worm (she like to wriggle like one)
- an ant (the day she steps into my mum's plc, ants always appear within the hse)
- a bee and butterfly (coz she always '招蜂引蝶' into my mum's plc)
- a calf (she's born in the year of Cow)
- a pot of Caramel (her name is Carabelle, which if mispronounces, sounds like Caramel)
- some flowers

However, I've changed the house to an apple with a cute face because since her hubby wanted the calf to have a comical position, so I thought that he might like this idea :D , and am really happy that they really like the design :)

Blessed Birthday .. sweet and pretty little Princess Carabelle :D

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Minnie Cake

Ivel likes this cake design and wanted a similar one for her little princess Kyra but with an additional minnie sitting on the cake board and black minnie headprints on the cake side instead :), thanks so much Ivel and am really happy to know that you and your family liked the cake. God Bless!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mickey Castle

Joycelyn wanted little Tristan's 1st Birthday to be Mickey theme and love to have the castle tower design as the top tier .. but of course it has to be more boyish look, bottom tier to have the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse design like this cake, and am really happy that she likes the overall cake design.

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Bible Cake

Baked and designed this bible cake for my hubby to bring to our Japanese Fellowship Service to share with another member - Ken San as their birthdays are in the same month.

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A sweet cake for my buddy

Carol is my dearest friend whom is also my boys' godma .. just love to bless her with a sweet looking cake for her to share with her family.
Dearest .. May God bless you on your birthday and everyday in everyway.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Animals Tub Cake

Kelly likes this cake design and wanted little Kaelen's 1st Birthday cake to be something like that and with lots of water fun, the main theme will be the little duckies and some frogs as per those party supply decos that she bought. I've left the empty space on the bottom tier for her candles.
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