Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lovely gift box

Mike's family's friend's daughter asked if i could help her to bake a cake for her very good friend who's just expecting another bb, she wanted a simple cake that is small and sweet (no pink/purplish) but a feel of warm and family-ish theme cake for her birthday ^^  

Owl cake

made an owl cake for Mike's altar ministry member - Eric's birthday celebration at church ..ummmmm .. can you read what Owl was reading ? ^^ ... and the birthday guy said that the owl looks like him hahahahaha

it's a coffee butter cake with hazelnut bailey cream buttercream 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


made a minion cake for my church member - Rui Ping's cutie Nicole's 1st Birthday, thanks so much for the photos .. I've no time to take nice pics coz worked on the cake and cuppies till almost 12am .. like the set up so much with all those little minions around

Carebear cake

care bear theme for my dear ex-colleague Karen Lim's little darling Jaden's 1st birthday

Noah's Ark

Another order for the Noah's Ark theme with the rainbow to attest to the promise and faithfulness of GOD. The pair of whales swimming outside the Ark as they were not earmarked for destruction along with the wicked ones!

Thomas theme

my church member, Jasmine Poh ordered for her little darling, Jude's 1st Birthday 

Road Sign cake

made a road sign cake for Mike's Altar Ministry member - Alvin, to bless him yesterday at church.