Monday, December 14, 2009

A Cath Kidston theme Cake for our most respected person ..

in Mike's family - SIS ! She is my hubby's dearest elder sis whom loves everyone in the family and loved by everyone in the family and whoever knows her as well :D

It should be an honour to be able to bake and decorate a cake for her ... .......

I was inspired by a cake design I saw somewhere in the net and just loved it and know that I just have to make a replica of it, no other occasion is more appropriate than this as I can make whatever I like.
Thanks so much to 'M' for the link that the original cake design was from www.cakejournal.com .. however I do remember I saw it but I seldom go to cakejournal, however even if I really do .. I just can't recall it and to blame on my poor memory as I don't have the habit to record it down but just to save the picture with simple title ., probably I have to be very careful in future if I use a design like such even it is meant for my own family :)