Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chanel Bag Cake theme

My youngest sis asked if I can help her to bake and design a cake to bless her boss' eldest daughter ,  hmmm .. I hardly reject any of my family's request especially this fav sis of mine :D

But .. the problem was .. Pheon wanted to have a Chanel Bag cake .. oh dear!  the 1st thought was .. I really don't like to do branded bag themes and .. how to design a chanel cake for a 10 yr old kid?

I was inspired by a chanel bag cake designed by Elite Cake after doing some google search for inspiration, made some changes to make it uniquely for the little birthday girl.

Train cake for my sweetie Samuel

specially designed a spiral train cake to bless one of my fav little boy in our church - Samuel's 2nd Birthday cake :D

 It was so rewarding just by looking his expression in the video clip that Sze Yee sent to me, Blessed 2nd Birthday little darling!!!

Open Book Bible Cake

this open-book bible cake was made to bless two members - Jenny & Jade in the altar ministry team that my hubby Mike serves in the church :)

T-Shirt Cake

helped my church friend (Daniel & Angie)'s son - Previn to bake and design a small farewell cake for their CCA teacher :)

He wanted a simple cake with a certain budget given and sent me a pic of their CCA T-shirt as reference, I wasn't feeling too well last week when I did the cake, hence I can't add in much details for them but just a simple note with a microphone as requested.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bible Cake for sis Geraldine

This simple bible cake was done in May 19 and took me 9 hours to complete!! was having a bad headache since Sat .. but got to decorate this cake for Mike to bring to office to bless one of his office cell members. 

Got to hasten myself to complete this cake at around 3.30pm else I would kept laying on the sofa as the pain was quite unbearable , everything was made last min .. made too many bible cakes and think that I should make this diff from others by adding 'Geraldine' reading a bible on her cake ..the figurine that I made for her was still in her fridge since last year..hahahahaha

I was really surprised and happy to receive this flower from sis Geraldine to thank me for the cake ..   I've never expected to receive anything back ..  Praise God .. thanks Sis Geraldine ... May God bless you more and more with each passing year.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's day cake

Aprons thrown down for all mummies that attended yesterday's early mother's day celebration arranged by our family's usual event organisers ;) 

Thomas and Friends theme

Created this design for Mag's lovely nephew Rowan's 4th birthday cake. :)