Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lola Bunny

Christine Ong didn't have much idea this time for her 2nd princess' 1st Birthday cake, she only requested for Lola Bunny and I've specially created this design for her and hope that she will like it :D

Baby tv cake

So glad that Christine Goh is back for her 2nd darling Jeremy's 1st Birthday cake, she wanted to have a baby tv theme cake and shortlised these characters to be placed on it - Hippa Hippa Hey and Popiz 


Mrs Lim told me that this year Theodore and Alvin wanted to have Ninjago theme for their cakes .. they will be celebrating together as their daddy specially back from overseas to celebrate their birthdays :D 

Teachers' Day cuppies

I'm not taking cupcake orders but my darling Aleo requested for teachers' day cuppies and confirmed the no. of cuppies and teachers' names and subjects that they taught only at late evening. So, those figurines and design were actually done quite last min but thankfully we made it !!!

Thank you for all your hard work and effort. Blessed Teachers' Day!! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farm Animal theme

Stephanie wanted to have a farm animal theme cake with rabbits, pigs and dogs for baby Lucas' 1st Birthday cake, the main animal must be rabbits, so I made a bb boy carrying a rabbit to put on the top tier for her :D

Charlene & Charles' cakes

Sabrina told me that baby Charlene shares the same birthday as daddy, so I made a daddy with a little gal on the cake with a lovely cake design, not forgetting to have some colourful balloons as she particularly likes them at this moment :D
Little Charles will be celebrating his 3rd Birthday together with bb Charlene too, so Sabrina also requested for a separate cake for him too

Cross cake for Mike's colleagues

Mike requested me to use swiss rolls to make a Cross design to bless his colleagues in the prayer group. I made 1 tiramisu and a matcha with azuki bean filling and was so glad that they like them both.

Strawberry Shortcake

Janice is back again and this time she requested to have a Strawberry Shortcake theme for Letitia's 4th Birthday cake .. hmmmmm .. I'm glad that she had finally allow me to design the cake with a list of some requirements that she had specifically required.

Aleo's Adventure Time

This cake of "Adventure Time" theme was baked for my Aleo's 14th birthday. We pray that God would multiply his effort for the glory of His name. Showers of mercy & grace falling on his face. Amen.

Neverland theme for Krissa's cake

Lilian told me that Krissa wanted to have a Neverland theme with some of her favorite characters - Jake, Izzy, Cubby & Scully to be on her cake :D, as usual .. she will just leave the design to me giving me not much stress except I've not too sure who are these guys . hahahahahaa

Little Marcus' cake

It is really happy to be able to bake and decorate for William's little darling Marcus' 2nd Birthday cake, he wants to have Mickey & Elmo in a McQueen convertible for this year's cake :D

Little Kayla's Little Pony Cake

So so so happy to see April's email again, this time she told me that Kayla requested for Little Pony theme for her 5th Birthday cake, specially requested for Twilight Sparkle, pinkie pie .. was very happy to know that Kayla and her classmates like it with lots of oohs and aahs in the class .. heeeeeee

Doggies' cake

I normally don't do cream cakes but always make it exceptional for Kim cos I really love her 6 maltese .. this  time she wanted to have the 4 birthday kids in 2D forms .. Happy Barkday to Duke, Beau, Enzo and Dion :D

Mummy's Xiao Long Bao

specially created this 小龍包 for my mummy dearest's birthday .. mum asked me if the bamboo steamer rack is a real one, so did my bro-in-law david .. hahahahahaha

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake for little Ethan

A mickey mouse clubhouse cake for Elicia's little darling Ethan's 1st Birthday cake.

Kyenne's Honey Pot cake

This cake was made in June, but I was super lazy to update my blog .. most of the cakes that I've done were mostly from my repeat clients :D

Ivel wanted to have a honey pot cake for Kyenne's 2nd birthday cake which is something similar to this , but she requested to have a very happy Pooh, and I was really happy to know that she likes it. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

BB Shayna's 1st mth PM cake

I am so happy to see Sherin back to order her 3rd bb princess Shayna's 1st month cake, didn't bear to turn her down as  she has always been a very nice lady that always leave everything to me on design.

I didn't have much idea on how to decorate the cake as the figurine was passed to me just before we were preparing our trip to church camp, and trips to visit MIL @ SGH had tired me out after we returned home from Malacca.

However, I was so glad that I've still managed to finish it and was really glad that Shawn & Sherin love the cake :D

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chanel Bag Cake theme

My youngest sis asked if I can help her to bake and design a cake to bless her boss' eldest daughter ,  hmmm .. I hardly reject any of my family's request especially this fav sis of mine :D

But .. the problem was .. Pheon wanted to have a Chanel Bag cake .. oh dear!  the 1st thought was .. I really don't like to do branded bag themes and .. how to design a chanel cake for a 10 yr old kid?

I was inspired by a chanel bag cake designed by Elite Cake after doing some google search for inspiration, made some changes to make it uniquely for the little birthday girl.

Train cake for my sweetie Samuel

specially designed a spiral train cake to bless one of my fav little boy in our church - Samuel's 2nd Birthday cake :D

 It was so rewarding just by looking his expression in the video clip that Sze Yee sent to me, Blessed 2nd Birthday little darling!!!

Open Book Bible Cake

this open-book bible cake was made to bless two members - Jenny & Jade in the altar ministry team that my hubby Mike serves in the church :)

T-Shirt Cake

helped my church friend (Daniel & Angie)'s son - Previn to bake and design a small farewell cake for their CCA teacher :)

He wanted a simple cake with a certain budget given and sent me a pic of their CCA T-shirt as reference, I wasn't feeling too well last week when I did the cake, hence I can't add in much details for them but just a simple note with a microphone as requested.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bible Cake for sis Geraldine

This simple bible cake was done in May 19 and took me 9 hours to complete!! was having a bad headache since Sat .. but got to decorate this cake for Mike to bring to office to bless one of his office cell members. 

Got to hasten myself to complete this cake at around 3.30pm else I would kept laying on the sofa as the pain was quite unbearable , everything was made last min .. made too many bible cakes and think that I should make this diff from others by adding 'Geraldine' reading a bible on her cake ..the figurine that I made for her was still in her fridge since last year..hahahahaha

I was really surprised and happy to receive this flower from sis Geraldine to thank me for the cake ..   I've never expected to receive anything back ..  Praise God .. thanks Sis Geraldine ... May God bless you more and more with each passing year.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's day cake

Aprons thrown down for all mummies that attended yesterday's early mother's day celebration arranged by our family's usual event organisers ;) 

Thomas and Friends theme

Created this design for Mag's lovely nephew Rowan's 4th birthday cake. :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Princess & Baby Cot cake theme

Hui Juin is back to order a cake for little Kaylee and to celebrate her little sister Talia's 1st birthday on the same day.  I'm really glad that she likes the design even I've mistakenly used sweet pink instead of lilac for the cake, she was so gracious to accept my mistake and love all those little details on the cake.  I was especially surprise that Kaylee can remember me even we only get to meet once a year .. hahahahaha .. Blessed Birthday to our 2 sweet little princesses :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ballerina Princess Cake

Yee Suan told me that her daughter - Helena attended her friend's daughter's birthday (Megan) really loves the look and taste of the gingerbread boy theme cake that I've made for her,  from time to time when they look at the picture of the cake taken, Helena would ask if her mummy can get her a cake on her birthday made by me.

It was really hard to reject such a sweet little one's request, hence I accepted since I was coping pretty well with my mil :)

Spongebob cake

Hui Ling is back for her darling Sean's 4th birthday cake, he requested for a Spongebob & Patrick theme cake, was very very happy to know that they love the cake :D

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty moulded by KH, I did the cake design and the rest .. hope that her customer will like it .. take care my dearst buddy .. be strong and God Bless :D

Speed Racer

helped my dearest baking kaki - KH with her cake order, car was moulded by her and I just did the rest for her .

Little Joshua's Thomas cake

I was really really happy to be able to bake little handsome Joshua's 3rd Birthday cake  .. again ..  always love to know how this blessed family had always love the cake that I've specially designed for their darling son.


I've specially made this 公鸡碗饭 for my mother-in-law,  the meal times are always the most 'comforting moment' to my mil which she is always looking forward to.

I've heard from my hubby Mike that how she had led a frugal life to raise up 5 young children ( my youngest sis-in-law was only around 1 year old then ) after my father-in-law passed away.  It isn't easy for her during those days hence she had to have a strong and stubborn character to pull through the difficult times and raised up her children,  this character has become even more magnified ever since she was diagnosed with dementia disease. 

I've been taking care of her for the past 6 weeks and it is really not easy to cope with daily challenges of looking after her needs with sudden mood swings plus many other unexpected issues, but thank God for all the patience and love to help me to go through this period ... she is now back home with my brother-in-law's family and will be back :)

Bible cake

this cake was specially designed for Mike to bless 2 of his altar ministry members, bro David & sis Joanna's birthday in the church after their duty.

Pooh and Piglets theme

ShuXian wanted to have a Pooh with some piglets for little Jaydon's 2nd Birthday, am glad that she likes the design :D

Car theme for Milo Ice

specially baked and designed this cake for my younger sis Mae, for her to give to her best friend's son as a birthday gift :), he has a very unique name - MILO ICE!

Lilo & Stitch cake for James

Shem told me that this year James want to have Lilo & Stitch theme for his 4th Birthday cake, glad that he loves it :)

Xavier's McQueen cake theme

Baked and designed this cake for my dear friend Jo's nephew's 4th birthday :)

Race Car theme

This year, Jasmine requested to have a race car theme for Cebestin's 3rd Birthday cake and provided so many toy cars to me for decoration ,  not sure why I applied such strong colours but overall seems pretty ok after a few more glances :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mickey, Pooh and Friends

Although I find that pink isn't meant for boys  after placing all the figuines on the cake .. only if i can have the honeypot in blue or brown but bday boy Samuel likes pink very much .., so tried to put more blue and red colour to make it less pinkish  .. :D

Veronica collected cake and shared a wonderful testimony with us ...

She said medically, she was not able to conceive but God spoke to her on 19 May (5 yrs ago???) that she will be given a child; little Samuel was born prematurely & weighed only 890g but now he has grown up to be a healthy and a lovely little boy... our God is amazing !!!

Sleepy Teddy's cushion cake

specially designed this cake for my cell leader's wife - sis Wee Leng, she always need to attend meetings after meetings .. lots of work / staff related problems to settle .. I always see her in a sleepy and tired mode .. hence I made a cushion cake with a sleepy teddy for her birthday :)

Gift Box & Diaper Cakes

Kelly Ho from my church requested for 2 cakes in early March - no specified designs required but wanted to have the verses on the cakes .. can guess what is the white one? My darling Aleo got it right only after 3 guesses .. hahahahaha

Dinosaur Train theme cake

Baked and decorated this cake  on Feb 29, to bless our dear church friend - Audrey and Simon's darling Josiah, this year he wanted to have this 'Dinosaur Train' theme - need to do research as I don't know who are they .. hahahahaha

3D Guitar Cake for my darling son

Specially did for my Aloysius' 16th birthday ... his dear cousins and Gu-Ma wanted to give him a surprise birthday celebration :)

Soar like an Eagle

All these cakes were done in the past 3-4 months, all were either for my family members or outstanding orders ..  didn't have the motivation to post them but will do so .. slowly :)

Baked and decorated this cake for my hubby Mike , it was a really really rushing 'order' .. cell leader texted me around 8.30am that he was planning to get a cake for him for his belated bday ..... I replied that I can bake becos I just want to bake and design a special cake for him :)

With totally no inspiration but suddenly thought of eagle and it's wings that represent our faith and belief in the Lord......

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moses and 10-Commandments Tablet cake

When sis Angel told me that Joshua wanted to have Moses with the 10-commandments tablet cake theme .. I was a bit worried that I may not be able to mould Moses .. and really don't have any idea how the design will be.

I've finally decided to carve the cakes into 2 big tablets, thanks for Aleo's idea - he told me to bake a high 1 x 8" square cake and slice it into half to get 2 tablets, I used the top part of the cake to shape them into a mountain for Moses to stand on it.

The most crucial part is the 10-commandments wordings, I don't have nice handwriting and unsteady hands, so asked Mike to write in manuscript writing to have an ancient feel and thank God that he did it .. but they took him almost 3 hours to complete it .. hahahahaha ...
I am very happy to know that sis Angel and little Joshua likes the cake :) To me, sis Angel is a very special friend .. so it's a blessing for us to be able to bless her family as God has built a special relationship between us .. Blessed Birthday Joshua!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tigger's tree stump cake

I was told by Ps Deb that her darling niece Sarah likes Tigger and her fav colour is blue and green.
Initial design was to make a mini 2-tier with blue sky and garden bottom tier, but felt that it will be too common, hence I've decided to make a tree stump with little cute animals playing with Tigger and love how it turned out to be. Blessed Birthday little Sarah Joy!!

Little Audrey's Noah's Ark cake

Angie is my beloved baking kaki's good friend, she wanted to have a Noah's Ark theme cake to celebrate little Audrey's 2nd Birthday, I was unable to bake her 1st birthday cake .. hence specially put in more effort to make this cake specially for her .. and am glad that she likes it :D