Monday, October 27, 2008

Jungle Tarzan

Kiddy Tarzan in jungle theme for little Xavier :D


Precious Moment Theme for little Shin Nee

Jenny Yong wanted to have a PM theme to celebrate baby Shin Nee's full month.

She requested me to make 2 dolly figurines but need not to be PM figurines as I really can't make them, too difficult for me .. hahaha


No. 1 Piggies for little Yi Ting

Yi Li wanted to have many 'animated' piggies on little Yi Ting's 1st Birthday cake .. but heeeeee.. hahaha, how to have animated ones .. heeeeeee, so she agreed to have piggies climbing all over the cake if possible , so I tried .. and the more simple the cake .. the more time I need to spend on it ., because really don't know how to make it as cute as possible , probably I was too tired after making so many cakes (?) .. hahahaha .... I am just a bit stressed in order not to dissapoint her.


However, it was all worthwhile as I received her email that little YiTing was very happy and even 'wow' when she saw the cake .., to her - it's priceless !! to me - it's joy :D

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little Einstein

Imelda told me that little Mark likes little einstein .. heeeee .. again , need to do research because I don't know them ..hahahahaha , so happy to see Imelda again, and she brought along little Mikayla and Mark was so happy to see the cake :D


Pooh in rainbow garden - Rafael

Hmm .. I had 2 pooh theme for today, both were quite similar ( garden ), I didn't want to think too much about the designs . .. but cracked my brain to make these 2 same theme but with different feel ., and both with same colour .. how how how ??? haha .. just trust our Lord! :D

Crystal wanted Pooh holding a candle with rainbow behind him .. the rest of his friends to be placed on the bottom tier in garden for her little Rafael ;)



Pooh in garden - Joseph

Marilyn didn't specify what she wants , but she likes rich colours and just leave the design to me to create a nice and special cake for little Joseph.


A sweet cake for Nami San

Nami san is a sweet japanese lady in our church, my hubby asked if I can bake a cake for him to bring to the Japanese Fellowship for all the members to bless her .. of course I will definitely say 'yes' , although I was busy busy busy .. :D:D:D


Monday, October 20, 2008

Basil's 2nd cake

Mandy told me that she wanted to have many cherries and a little boy because little Basil's infant care ("Cheery Infant & Children Care" ) - sounds like cherry .. so made little trees with cherries , made also 2 colourful and cheerful caterpillars and a little sketch stickman cheery sunshine which I saw it somewhere in the internet . ;D


Basil's cakes

Mandy wanted 2 cakes for little Basil's 1st birthday celebration, the No.1 cake was for their family and close friends' , cake design was given by Mandy .. :D Photobucket

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pooh and Friends ...

... all his friends to be on board on the train .. sequence was according to Gennie's request, although the requirements were quite a bit, but this was quite an enjoyable cake so far :D

Blessed 1st birthday - little Brandon


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little Javier with farm animals

Angie told me that she wanted a little house on the cake with the little boy and animals, but I've told her that it will look very cramp with so many things on a small cake, hmmmm .. , can sensed that she was a bit dissapointed so I added the little house on the front cake side but no space for Javier's name, so need to paste the name on the cake board :D


Thomas for little Kegan

Lynn wanted the same design that I've done for little Darius , this time I'm quite satisfied with Thomas :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Farm Cake for Sean

Eunice wanted to have cute farm animals, I was excited to make this theme .. I like all these farm animals .. they are sweet looking !


Phoebe's garden themed Pooh cake

Pixie told me that little Phoebe likes butterflies and flowers .. and of course - the cutie bumble bees !!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Peng Hong's Pooh cake

Joanne wanted this theme - piglet to represent little Peng Hong, grandma's birthday also falls on the same day - so shall let tigger represent her .. and their little family friend's birthday too, and he looks like pooh - chubby and cute. , she wanted them to be in cheerful mode in their little garden.


Jungle cake for Joshua

Geneveive wanted a Jungle theme cake for her little darling, he likes crocodiles - so she requested to have more of them, and special request to put an 'apple' on the cake .. :D


Jungle cake for Eugene

A small jungle cake for Shireen's dearest hubby - Eugene.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mini Cooper

Winnie wanted to give her dear hubby a surprise with a mini cooper cake , initially I was quite worried as I am really not too good in moulding cars as such .. but she really likes it and ... that's a relief for me ;D


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jungle Cake for little Zi Qian

Carol Toh wanted an animal print covered top tier, this time is a tiger skin .. and she told me that little Zi Qian's favourite cartoon character at the moment is Mickey Mouse .. so !! , and she specially wanted Piglet to appear on the cake too .. hmmmmmmmmm, with the other jungle animals.

Now, how to label this cake again ?????? hahahahaha


Jungle Cake for little Danial Irshad

When Rosniati confirmed this order, I was very excited as this is the first request from our Malay friends :D .. she emailed 2 pictures to me and wanted the designs in those cake pictures to be incorporated into little Danial's 1st birthday cake .. and I am of course too happy to be able to do this cake for her .. :D


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Precious Moment for precious Eve

Mrs Ang wanted this sweet Precious Moment theme for her precious Eve, when she came to pass the figurines and candle to me, I was quite surprised when Eve really resembles the cute figurine., she is as sweet looking as the PM figurine ..

I start to fall in love with this theme now .. it's sweet ;D


Pooh for litle Keagan

Viline wanted Piglet as the main character for little Keagan's 1st birthday cake, so I made him look as big as his friends .. lying on the book while alphabet 'A' was quite disturbed by him .. heee ..


Friday, October 3, 2008

Toadstool Village for Ping

My dearest sis requested me to bake and decorate a cake for her sweet colleague, my schedule this week was another busy one .. but again - she is another person whom I will try to do things for her as she is so dear to me :D , so when she wanted to bless anyone - I will be gladly, very gladly to bless that person with ... LOVE!!! heee, Happy Birthday Ping!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Barney and Friends

Daisy wanted barney theme .. and leave the design to me ., I just love to do whatever I like, her only request is .. background colour must match these 3 dinos .. hahaha .. I think - not a problem lah ... I love the end result .. :D


Winnie the Pooh - sweet Clare

Sharon Yeo requested for a Pooh cake and she prefers the cake to be something like the one I did for littel Briana .. she wanted to have a river on the cake board - so I made Tigger swimming and Eeyore reaching out for him .. Winnie the Pooh relax on his big honey pot .. while Piglet .. errrrr . doing nothing .. hahaha


White Jungle Cake for little Ayden

Eve called me to check if I can do a cake for her eldest sis' daughter in law . .. errr , her niece-in-law .. hahahahha, she's too young to be an 'aunt' lah .. heeee.., actually I really can't take anymore orders but I simply can't reject Eve's request.

Faith wanted a jungle cake for littel Ayden, but she wanted the background to be white to have a 'clean' look, .... well , it's not easy to create a jungle cake with a white background, it took me more than 6 hours to decorate it .. simply because I don't know how to decorate to have a clean look, even after I've completed it .. I still don't feel that it's nice, so I woke up early this morning to add another figurine and more mini trees at the bottom tier .., then I feel better - just because it's a favour for my dearest Eve.