Sunday, March 27, 2011

'Well' Cake for my cell members

Made this theme for 3 of our cell members - Bro Freddy, Sis Peggy & Sis Wee Leng but she was away on a biz trip in China. I had no idea initially on the design but felt prompted to make a 'Well of the living waters' to bless them.

I was amazed that it was indeed a divine inspiration because our Cell Leader shared about our choked well during our cell group meeting on Thursday night and prayed for God to dig & release the spring of living waters...Hallelujah!

Precious Moment Belle Castle Cake

I was so happy to be able to make a cake for Kelly Chong again, this time is for her little Princess' 1st Birthday cake .. she showed me a beautiful castle cake done by Gladcake.

Kelly told me that she wanted the cake to be something similar to it and allowed me to make some changes but keep the unicorn and colour scheme to be pink, purple & white ..and am so happy that she loved it, Thank God!!

Little Summer's Carebear cake

I always love to design cakes for Sherin's children as she will always leave the design/colour totally to me :D

This time was to make little Summer's 3rd Birthday cake and was happy to see how the cake turned out to be, love those cheerful little bear figurines that Shawn passed to me, they all look so cute!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nemo theme cake for James

Shem and hubby wanted to have a Nemo theme cake for little James to celebrate his 3rd Birthday at school :D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lightning McQueen for little Cebestin

I was quite excited when Jasmine emailed to request for a Lightning McQueen cake for her little darling Cebestin to celebrate his 2nd Birthday.

Seriously .. I'm really no good in carving cake, it took me almost 10 hours to complete it .. was so stressed up doing this cake .. but was pretty anxious in it though :O, just have to keep praying for steady hands and a bit of skill in the carving part, though it's not so perfect but I'm quite happy with it.

Pooh theme for twins :D

Audrey likes this design and wanted to have it for her twin boys - Darrius and Damien's 1st Birthday cake, except to change the colour to blue and replaced with 2 little boy figurines, happy that she also left the rest of the design to me too :D

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for little Ashley

Kelly Lee wanted to have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme for her little sweetie Ashley's 1st Birthday cake with a little bit of fence design from this cake, and left the rest of the design/colour to me :D

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A toy story theme cake for Kei2

This cake was made for my buddy - Carol's niece whom likes toy story very much, was so happy to see these toy figurines when she passed them to me to put on the cake, she specially reminded me that Buzz must be the highlight of the cake as it is her favourite character in this theme :D

No.1 Tigger & Pooh cake for Jayden

Cherie likes this cake design but requested for only Tigger and Pooh for her precious little Jayden's 1st Birthday cake, also wanted to have a small tigger infront of the cake hanging on the fence :D

Kendra's Pooh Playground cake

Kaysea likes this cake design and wanted to have something similar for her little princess Kendra's 1st Birthday cake, but requested to have it in pink tiers and specially requested to have a cheery Tigger facing the front playing see-saw with Piglet.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Colourful Train Cake

I love the cake design when Susan emailed the picture to me, she wanted to have the similar design for her little princess Renee's 1st Birthday cake but replace the figurines with a little gal figurine in the train head as the captain with her favourite characters - Mickey & Minnie, Big Bird, Elmo and Tweety as her passengers on board :D

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zachary's Thomas train cake

So happy to see Christine is back for her little darling's 2nd Birthday cake :D , and am really happy to konw that she likes the design and the cake .. Blessed Birthday Zach!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Handy Manny & Thomas

I was pretty excited to know that Melissa wanted a Handy Manny with some Thomas trains for little Cyrus' Birthday cake, she asked if I could mould HM as if he is fixing one of the trains and I thought that it is a pretty cute idea :)

Happy to see so many trains when Mel passed them to me as I didn't really know how they look like before :D

Jungle Buddies

Anna emailed 5 of Lesann's soft toy animals' pics and asked if I could mould them to be placed on her 1st Birthday cake. She requested the cake to be something like Kai Luen's cake and a big ribbon bow on the cake board.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toy Story theme

It's my first time moulding Woody & Buzz, didn't expect that they took me hours to complete as they have quite a bit of details on them :O, was quite excited when Adeline requested this theme for litle Kaden's 3rd Birthday cake for him to bring to his school to celebrate with his classmates.

Thanks so much Ad for trusting me in the design and I love how it turned out to be :D

Happy Birthday Kaden and hope that you will enjoy with your little friends :)

Noah's Ark for Josiah

Our little Josiah initially told his mummy that he wanted to have a Nemo cake for his 3rd birthday cake .. but after sis Audrey showed him my blog .. he fell in love with the Noah's Ark that I made for little Noah and requested for a similar but smaller one :D
Audrey told me that Jo2 loves elephants, hippo & rhino and requested me to add them in ..
I've also replaced the dophins with baby whales.

Ice Cream Cone Cake

Geraldine forwarded an Ice Cream cake design and wanted this theme for Megan's 3rd Birthday cake this year as they will be celebrating her birthday at an ice cream shop.

Happy Barkday !!! Snow Prince

I'm still not taking in cupcake orders as I felt that they are kind of time consuming for me, although love the cuteness in them but will always try to just concentrate in my cake design :D

Accepted this exceptional request as Kim is always a very accomodating lady and she loves her doggies to the bits, I am always looking forward to see their photos and love to see them so well behaved by posing so nicely infront of the camera with so much patience.
The heart meat loaf was not made by me .. heeee .. Kim ordered it from somewhere else, it's a beef meatloaf with sweet potatoes covered :D