Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moo2 Jungle cake for twins

This cake was done last week but was kinda busy and tired .. hence only managed to post it now :)

The theme was suggested by mummy Wei Chang for her twin boys - Benjamin & Joshua's 1st Birthday to include 2 cows, like the overall design and colour :D

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'Barkday' party theme cake for Kim's precious ...

.. 4 doggies. She ordered this cheesecake with raspberry, blueberries, and mango as toppings ( usually I don't take in such orders as I need to trouble my dear hubby to drive out to get them for me .. ... :D )
This time, Kim requested to have a birthday party theme cake for Beau & Duke's 2nd Birthday and Dion & Enzo's 5th Birthday which fall in the month of June, and of course .. the cake was meant to celebrate with her 2 other precious - Snow Prince & Angel.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another simple cake ...

this time was for my youngest sis' sis-in-law's birthday. Hahahahaha .. as I thought that I will be able to rest before leaving for our family trip to Europe . .. she called me on Wed and kept apologising before she started ;P

I told her that I can't do a more detailed cake as I've kept most of my tools, in fact .. I still didn't have much idea on how to decorate it .. so finally decided to do this type of 2D design which is quite cute ;D .. and am so happy that the family loves it.

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A simple Matcha Sponge for Mike's colleague

I made this simple cake design as Mike told me that they wanted to bless Diana whom was also part of their prayer group member. Although she didn't join the core group for their weekly prayer meeting during lunch time as often, but she is always in their prayer that she will be faithful and be blessed :D

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