Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mini Bag Cakes

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Made these mini cakes for our Women's Bible Study Class, so glad to see the amazing expressions from our dears sisters there, it's good to know that they like them .. Praise the Lord too that sister Joan ( Pastor Tim's wife ), intend to learn this sugarpaste stuff to teach the ladies in those poverty-stricken areas in India when they are there for ministry.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lamp Cuppies

These are also my first cuppies .. very poor piping skill ..haha !!! Made them for my boys' cell group meeting ., well received because of the cuttie faces .. PTL !

Peanut Cookies

Recipe was from Jo, its a keeper .. very crunchy and somehow melts in your mouth ., will taste better with combination of almond powder ., I simply love almonds more than peanuts .. :D it's just me lah

Friday, May 25, 2007

Baby Cuppies

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These are samples that I've made .. end result is satisfying ., especially for Aleo .. haha, he ate all of them , but not in 1 day .. initally he cant bear to eat them, but still .. he couldn't resist them !!

Cuppies for Mother's Day

The first two are for my dearest mummy and Mae .. wishing them a Blessed Mother's Day !!

These two are for Carol - my boys' godma and for her mum too! .. a Blessed Mother's Day to both too!

Got inspired by Glad .. making the tiara .. but not as nice as hers .. will try to improve !!

A day in the zoo

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Daddy and the boys .. they do look happier while taking photo with Mike, maybe I am just too .. not in the mood lah Our trip to the zoo during CNY .. oh !!! really not a day for a homely mummy like me, back home with headache .., but the kids loves outing, no choice ..

Aloysius' Birthday Cake

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That was the very first cake (Durian cake) I've made for Aloysius' 11th birthday in Feb 2007.., as long as the kids are happy .. I am ..... too! I didn't know how to pipe properly and know nothing about sugarpaste yet .. but he is still smiling so happily .. they love whatever I made .. my boys just want me to feel happy .. as much as they could , I knew that

Pineapple Tarts

These are the pineapple tarts I've made during CNY too, sold several bottles of them to ex-colleagues cum good friends and my two buddies - Carol and Eve ..

Mae and David loves them so much , kept asking for more .. hahaha ., and I've made so many of them in 'Rose' designs .. these are 'Melt-in-your-mouth' type .., oh .. got to practice again .., afraid will forget how to make them .. I guess if Mae happens to read this .. she will be jumping for joy now !! hahaha

Fish Nian Gao

They look so sweet and cute ,, don't they? except .. no eyes yet ! haha .. I've added eyes for them later, and kept improvising the taste .. they are nice to eat as it is .., made them during CNY ..

Dolly Cuppies

Made dollies again, this time is for my cell group members , one for Sis Kat's daughter and another for Brother Henry & Sis Peggy's grandson .., the first one given to Aleo otherwise he will question me, why he didn't have any .. the third one reserved for Mae, my dearest younger sis.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vanice's Birthday Cuppies

These sweet little babies on cuppies were from me for Vanice's 1st birthday .. although couldn't see or know whether she likes them or not .. haha , how would a 1 yr old baby knows (?), but her mummy, Michelle was very happy with them .. so is Winston .. heeee, though they are not the 'Leading Cake' on that night, but .. I was happy enough to see the broad smiles on the guests that night ... PTL

Daryl's 21st Birthday Cake

Made this birthday cake for my nephew, Daryl's 21st birthday. SIL-Carol requested a big one for her 70-guest birthday celebration .. the biggest bake pan I have is only 8" pan, so I need to bake 3 x 8" cakes.

I woke up as early as 5.20am, to complete as much household chores as I could .. and start to bake at 6.30am after Mike went for his early morning prayer in the Church on Saturday.

From 6.30am - 9.30am = 3 cakes done .. heee with 3 different flavours !!

1 Vanilla Sponge layered with buttercream and cherries
( Mike bought from NTUC-Parkway on friday nite , very expensive leh , 1 box = $8 ++ )

1 Chocolate Sponge layered with oreo buttercream

1 Mocha Sponge layered with Walnut Mochoa buttercream

Then, after breakfast .. I started to decorate the cake from 10am - 3pm .. HAHAHA!! standing all day through .., but all hardwork paid off as my nephew was very pleased with the cake and told me personally that he liked the cake very much .. here it goes .. I've made another person's life a little bit happy again .. Praise the Lord!!

Michelle's birthday cake

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My buddy requested me to bake her a cake for her birthday, no no no .. not two cakes, hahaha !!! I wasn't quite satisfied with the plain design as in the top one, so gave it a face lift ..

Since Vanice , her dearest daughter is her first love now, I've made a sugarpaste dolly which looks like her as a centre piece on her cake ..,

Michelle is very happy with the cake, and here I am again .. feeling so glad to make another person happy .. God bless her and her family !!

Miss U Cake

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This cake was requested by my younger sis - Mae to make for her colleague, her boyfriend will be away for a 1-week fishing trip and she will be leaving for Vietnam .. She requested for a lot of 'loves' and a lovey-dovey couple .. the rest - up to me to design . ta-da !!!

Mae's colleague loves this cake very much, and I am of course .. feeling so glad that she loves it in all !!