Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thomas cake for little Andre

Hmmmmmmm.. I was supposed to 'rest' this week as we've arrange to bring my MIL to her hometown in Malacca but this was one of the cakes that I couldn't reject to make.

Michelle told me that little Andre loves Thomas, she knew about my darling Andre .. and as we had a casual 'chat' through email .. not only because of her little darling shared the same name as my very precious one .. but also because little Andre shared the same birthday as me, he is special in my heart .. so I agreed to take her order too and with a little bit extra from my heart ..here is his 2nd birthday cake ..

I'm so happy that Michelle allowed me share to share little Andre's photos in my blog :D She told me that he is still singing the Birthday song till today as he really enjoyed the day with his little classmates, and most importantly he and his little guests and even adult guests love the cake, Praise God! See the way he looked at the cake really warmed my heart!

Jared's sesame street cake

Melanie wanted a baby version sesame street theme for Jared's 1st birthday cake, with a new muppet ( to me .. she is .. heeeeee )- Prairie Dawn.

ROM cake

I got to know that these bears are named 'Me to You', and hmmmm ... they are lovely! This ROM cake was requested by Sherrifer, she didn't have any design in mind but just wanted it to be white and purple. oh my .. the little roses took me hours to complete, need to rest in between making them but love how it look when the cake's finally assembled.

Figurines were provided by Sherrifer :D

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jerell's 1st Thomas cake

Seow Li told me that little Jerell likes Thomas, Winne the Pooh as well as little animals and so she wished to have these on her little precious darling's 1st Birthday cake.

Little Abigail's flower garden

Angela wanted a pastel colour theme with a little gal for her little precious Abigail's 1st Birthday cake.

Princess Chloe's 1st Birthday Cake

Nicole's princess Chloe turned 1 and she wanted to have a little princess figurine and a carriage for her 1st birthday cake, colour theme to be something like little Krissa's 3rd cake and I love how the cake turned out to be :D

Little Einstein for twins

Freda's twin gals - Noella & Natalia want to have Little Einstein theme for their 4th Birthday cake, although I've made this theme for a couple of times but still ... quite worried for not able
to mould their features, but I think I passed again .. hahahahahha :D

Tristan's sesame street cake

It's so nice to see Jaime's email again to request me to bake Tristan's 2nd Birthday Cake, this time she requested for Sesame Street theme :D

Mickey & Minnie for little Natalie

Elaine likes the cake that I made for little Kayla, and wanted a similar top tier design specially for her little princess - Natalie's 1st birthday.
I'm so happy to see her email with her family photo and even more happy to see cute little Natalie and knowing that she can recognise my version of Mickey .. heeeeeeeee .. thanks so much Elaine for allowing me to share the photo and am really glad to know that you and your guests like the cake :D

Tinkerbell's lilac garden cake for little Adelia

Adeline wanted a small garden cake with Tinkerbell in a lilac colour theme for her little princess Adelia
Adeline, thanks so much for sending this photo to me, and am so glad to know that you and your guests like the cake, and little Adelia is simply too sweet and pretty ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Animal theme

Pei Ling requested for an animal theme cake for her little Maximus' 1st Birthday, no special request but only wanted to have cow, ducks, rabbit with some bees and lady bird to make the cake more lively :D

Baby Minnies ... Minnies .. Minnies .. Minnies ... Minnies

Yes, 5 of them .. Karen wanted all with different postures as requested by little Klara's daddy, which I love the idea and was also excited over the final product as .. hmmmmmm .. they are really cute .. heeeeeee

Little Randall's animals cake with Pooh and Barney

Fiona wanted a cheerful and colourful theme with rainbow for her precious Randall's 2nd Birthday cake, she invited not only some lovely animals to ride on the train but also included Pooh and Barney to celebrate his birthday.

Handy Manny for little Dewayne

I was pretty excited not only because this is the second year that I've baked and decorated the cake for little Dewayne's, but also because the theme was Handy Manny which I've never heard of .. immediately I went to search for the characters and happily accepted to do for her because those little tools are so cute :D

Little Gideon's Sesame Street Playground

Esther Yeo wanted a Sesame Street theme playing in a playground environment for little Gideon's 1st Birthday cake,

Little Adele's Barney cake

Alicia actually wanted to have the cake design that I've done for little Hilda but instead of balloons, but since she told me that little Adele likes flowers., so I've changed it to look even more lovely hmmmm .. at least, I felt that it will be :)

Brandon's little Thomas cake

Wendeline wanted to surprise her little darling - Brandon by giving him a Thomas train cake for his 2nd Birthday :D

Thanks so much Wendeline for sharing these photos with me ;D, so happy to see your little handsome Brandon and love to see the way he reached out to the train .. hahahahahhaa

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sweet Pooh Theme for little Giselle

Rachel is another .. one of the nice mummies whom just told me that she needed Giselle's name to be on the cubes with some mushrooms and bumble bees for a sweet pink and garden Pooh theme.

Cute no. 1 Pooh Theme for little Aiden

Cheryn wanted a No. 1 Cake made from 8" square cake pan for her little Aiden's 1st Birthday, and she also didn't have any special request but just wanted to have a cheerful and cute Pooh theme.