Friday, May 28, 2010

Elizabeth's Baby Einstein Cakes

Daphne wanted her princess' cake to be something similar to this. The 2nd cake was meant for the evening celebration as her guest list had became longer, I suggested to her to have a smaller cake and transfer the puppets to surround it.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Princess theme cake

Belinda emailed picture of the party wares that she bought for her little Princess' 2nd birthday and requested to have a princess carriage, bows, butterflies and small flowers on her cake.
I thought that making a cut out tiara to put Chloe's name on it should match the party wares better, she also requested to have some cupcakes to go along with the cake.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Butterfly Garden cake for little Claudia

Erica likes the cake that I made for Megan, so she requested me to decorate a cake with similar design for her little princess' 4th Birthday.

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Mango Yoghurt Cake

SIL Carol initially didn't want me to bake any cakes for her hubby and 2 sons' + my youngest sis' galfriend, it was because I didn't attend the family's Mother's Day celebration as I had a headache that night .. I didn't have enough sleep.

I told her that I will be able to bake but she requested for simple decorations so they the cake won't tired me off :D, so sweet of her.

So, I made this non-bake cake with lots of fruits on top .. very easy hor? hahahahaha .. actually didn't want to make any sugar decor, but I guess it's just us ... still can't stop my fingers to make icons for the 4 birthday 'babies'.
This is another very nice cake , it was a 8.5" cake and was finished, even MIL also had a 2nd helping .. :D :D :D

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A simple mango crepe cake for Mike's colleague

My hubby told me that they will be celebrating Geraldine ( one of his prayer group members in office ) and asked if I have time to bake one for her. I will as usual, try my best to bake so as to bless them with a joyful heart :D
I guess I'll have to seriously record down birthdays for his prayer group colleagues and reserve my dates for them and our cell members, so that I will not take in orders during those dates ..hahahaha, otherwise I will end up searching for simple cake recipes.
Thanks to Mok for this wonderful recipe, though more work but I had so much fun in making them and there were so many compliments from them :D , even my boys love them so much .. may make mango crepe rolls for my Aleo's cell group meeting this friday .. hahahahaha , the kids will like them.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Cake for a special mummy

It is so nice of Ko Chen to remember Mummy Cynthia on this special day, she emailed to me and asked if I can accept this order, after linking to Charmaine's blog .. I agreed without hesitation :)

I've been wanted to do something for little Char .. not just only because she has the same kind of illness as my darling Andre, but also .. I just felt that our Lord wants me to be braver to face such situation, by seeing the happy look in her face brought some comfort in me.

The strawberry cake house was the idea from little Jase and those animals are from his idea too, while little Char requested for barbie dolls which I have to disappoint her because time was too short for me to get them :(

This cake is specially made for mummy Cyn on this special day .. I pray for our Lord's blessing for this strong mummy with strength, health, peace and comfort to go through this period and I pray for HIS healing hands to be upon Charmaine as this will be the greatest comfort and wish for Cynthia.

Blessings with lots of love, Kellie

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mickey & Minnie

Seline wanted to have Mickey and Minnie theme for her little prince, Jie Chen's 1st Birthday cake, other than requested for a 2D cut out train to be pasted on the cake side, she didn't have much request and just leave the design to me.

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