Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pooh and friends with twins

Sai Hong wanted Winnie and friends riding on the train and carriages to celebrate her twin princesses - Gwyneth & Giselle's 1st Birthday cake.

A sweet Garden theme

Irin told me that she and her dear hubby had quite a 'hard' time going through my cake designs to choose one for their precious darling Jezelle's 1st Birthday cake.

Finally, she picked a few designs and highlighted what she wish to have, but preferred to have a pastel purple and pink colour theme to match the balloons that
they've bought for the party.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Minnie mouse castle for little Chole

Cindy Phoon wanted to have Minnie Mouse in a garden with butterflies, bugs, caterpillar and lots of flowers for her precious princess - Chloe's 1st birthday cake, initially she wanted a single tier but later requested to upsize the cake as guest list kept increasing.

I thought it will be sweet to have a Minnie castle on the top tier instead of having both tiers in garden theme and really hope that she will like it :)

Lara's 1st Magical Tinkerbell cake

Zahidah emailed a cake pic and wanted the same design to be her little princess - Lara's 1st Birthday cake, at first she only wanted to pass me the Tinkerbell Candle but she came with a whole set of the fairies to be placed on the cake.

I was so attracted by them as they looked so pretty, although I still didn't know where to place them but I did enjoyed placing them around on the cake to get the best position so that all can stand out to make the cake looks magical enough to match the theme :)

Blessed Birthday to my dearest Hubby & our darling Andre

21 Jan is always another very special day for our family, not only because it's Míke's birthday but it's also our darling Andre's. Although I didn't indicate his name on the 2nd cake that I've baked for Mike, but I've quietly prayed to our Lord to let him know that mummy loves him always .......... deeply in our hearts.

Mike asked me to bake a cake - as usual .. for sis Mary, Jasmine and himself as his prayer group in office preferred to celebrate their birthdays on Mike's actual day.

I chose the Lighthouse theme, in fact I've already had in mind to make it as hoping that Mike and his colleagues will be the light that shine for Jesus that may bring more to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's a divine arrangement that, during our Christmas gathering with our cell group, Yong De whom is our cell leader gave each of us a card with the same message on Matthew 5:14-16 to encourage each of us to place the kingdom of God above ourselves. Let us be the Lighthouse that points all men to HIM, the hope of glory and not to be the table lamp that lights up only the four walls of our house.

When Aleo knew that the Lighthouse cake was meant for Mike to bring to office to bless his colleagues, he was quite disappointed and requested me to bake another one for our own family to bless him at home.

So, I made a very simple cake with three little lambs playing around on the cake that represented our 3 darling boys.

We will be having our cell's core members' meeting, so it's also timely for some of our cell members to bless him that night after our meeting .. and that also pleased our little Aleo whom always wanted to sing birthday songs and to bless others.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Princess Castle for Claire

I'm so grateful that Katherine Yee leave Claire's cake design to me and just told me that she likes Princess with long hair, teddy, flowers, click-clog shoes (high heels), castle and heart shapes.

Pooh and friends in Playground theme

Els wanted to have a playground theme for little Tristan's favourite cartoon character and leading star will be Winnie the Pooh because he will get very excited and happy whenever he sees it.

She has decided to leave the design to me after much discussion with just some requirements - Pooh with swing, Tigger & Piglet playing on a see-saw and Eeyore just sitting around on the bottom tier :)
Thanks so much Els for coming early to collect the cake so that we can leave early for Heidi Baker's conference at Fairmont Hotel :)

Kodomo animals

Hwee Leng approached me to do a Kodomo theme cake for her little princess, as little Chloe used to play with the Baby Powder.

She wanted the original animals but to omit the giraffe and requested me to mould the rabbits as my way :)

It was pretty fun to do this theme, as Hwee Leng wanted a cute jungle theme so I thought that having a 'Baby Powder' sticking out from the jungle should be cute too, so decided to make this design and hope that she likes it..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pooh and Friends

Irene Tan wanted to have a cute animated helicopter and Pooh as the main character for little Xavier's 1st Birthday cake, the little honey pots with Xavier's name was her idea which I find that they are pretty cute too :D

Pooh & Lightning McQueen

I made a terrible mistake for Royce's 4th Birthday cake .. no excuse for me to blame on my fever last week, truth was that I wasn't fully recovered hence my mind was still at the 'blur' state. Initially, Ai Lee wanted Thomas in a cute farm environment but when Royce saw the cake that I did for little Ryan in Nov 2009, he likes the McQueen and wanted to change the design to Thomas & McQueen.

No idea why .. WHY????? I've totally 'forgotten' who is Thomas? Ryan's cake had been registered in my mind and I did another same design except I added 2 cute animals for Royce thinking that it will be a cute little surprise for him .. but I guess it became a shock for me when Ai Lee called me to inform me of the mistake I made.

I thank God for such a nice lady whom did not even raise her voice or was angry with me, she was still so polite and nice and forgiven me .. How should I thank her enough for accepting the wrong design ?? Yes, I do have something in mind :) Thanks so much Ai Lee!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to my dearest Carol

Carol is one of my buddies whom were always with me during good and bad times, I'm so thankful to God to have her as my closest friend.
Today is her birthday so I've secretly arranged with Alex to collect the cake from me and a handmade Birthday card made by her youngest godson to surprise her :D

Happy Birthday dear!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Fun At One theme cake

Evon decided to have a 'Fun at One' theme cake to match the decorations she bought for little Benjamin's 1st Birthday, I've left an empty space next the the plane for her to put the candle on.

Pooh & Friends

Doreen Teo wanted to have Pooh & his friends to swim in a tub while little Rychelle wearing her fake hairband sitting with some farm animals .. on her 1st Birthday Cake.

Prince theme cake

Shannon likes the sweet prince theme cake that I made, but requested to let the boy figurine to wear a ManU jersey and have a soccer ball with him. She left the invitation card to me when she passed the 'Fun to be 1' candle and requested to have the crowns to be pasted on the cake sides and I just incorporate the invite card design into the cake :D
Thanks Shannon for your sweet compliments on the cake.

Twin Princess

I did this cake some time ago but just didn't have the time to post :D

Patricia and her colleagues wanted to get something unique for the twin princess' mummy to celebrate their 1st Birthday.
She has gone through quite a tough period as little Eunise & Venise were premature babies and were in ICU for several months and missed their full month celebration .. but thank God that they are now a pair of very healthy girls.