Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spongebob & Pooh

Thanks so much Sunita, for sending me these lovely photos and I was indeed so happy to know that you and your guests love the cake, thanks again .. God Bless!

Sunita wanted to have a bright and colourful birthday cake for little Ansh's 1st Birthday cake, other than having a little boy figurine on the top tier, she requested to have Ansh's favourite Spongebob with Pooh & Tigger beside him, she didn't have much requirements and just leave the
design to me :D

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Blessed Birthday to my sister dearest

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mae2 .. Happy Birthday to yooooooooooooooooooou !!! Lots of love, kisses and hugs to my most dearest sis .. found this birthday prayer and would love to pray for her.
"Father, on this special day, I ask for Your special blessing and a day filled with hope, joy and wellness for Mae. I pray that this coming year might be one that will bring personal success and fulfillment for her. Father we know that You delight in blessing Your children and so I ask for this. May we all be grateful for your goodness. In Jesus' most loving name I pray .... Amen"

Mae loves this lemon buttercake very much and she just want it plain .. she had been asking me to mould her a VW car when she saw what I did for Matilda last month :D .. so happy that she likes it .. muacksssss!
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bananas in Pyjamas

I've always been excited to bake cakes for my families especially on special occasions :D .. this time was to bake one for my niece - Crystal's 21st birthday cake and I've been wondering what theme she will want. Her favourite is always Winnie the Pooh but she wanted a special theme - PYJAMAS theme!

We were told that all her guests should wear pyjamas on her birthday but was quite disappointed because the birthday gal herself didn't wear it !!! We've specially searched everywhere for pyjamas suits and was so overjoyed to be able to find for Mike and my boys but in the end, only Mike, another niece and one of her guests wore .. and we only knew when we arrived that they had an alternative colour code which was Blue & Yellow :(

Nonetheless .. I was really happy that everybody loves the cake .. I always wanted to make this kind of rotating cake but I have completely no idea how to construct one .. had been pestering Mike to help me. I am really blessed to have such a sweet and nice hubby .. he went to find the gadgets and even 'built' the cake for me, my job was just to think, design and mould the figurines .. muacks!!!!!!!!!
Top tier is a 6" rotating cake, while the most bottom one is a dummy cake ... love the overall design :D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Car Cake

Princess Stevlynn shared the same birthday as daddy Steven, hence mummy Adelynn said that she can't leave out hubby dearest on this very important day, so she decided to have a small car cake to celebrate together on that day.

She requested to have a family of 3 and just leave the cake design to me , thanks so much dear :D

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Sweet Princess theme

Adelynn and hubby Steven wanted to have a sweet princess theme with a combination of a cow theme cake for their little princess Stevlynn's 1st birthday, after several discussion .. I've finally came out with this design and hope that they like it :D

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Monday, November 8, 2010

My niece's cupcake order

I have exceptionally accepted this cupcake order simply because my niece was sharing the cost with her friend to celebrate their friend - Siti's birthday celebration. Charelene wanted to have all the cuppies with individual friends' names to be imprinted on each of them with different colour and shades, specially requested for a 3D 'big' animal for the birthday gal :) , hahahaha .. dun ask me why but I guess the size should be able to answer the question ;D ..

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