Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ansh's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Sunita is back to order Ansh's 2nd Birthday cake and this time she wanted his cake to be something similar to Randall's design , but requested to change the fence on the top tier to balloons.

I changed the design slightly to include some gift boxes to make it to have more birthday celebration feel, left a space in the centre of the top tier for her to put the McQueen candle on it , was so happy that she liked the design :)

Smurfette cake for sweet Eunice

My buddy Evelyn's good friend Ivy asked if I could bake a Smurfette cake theme for her elder daughter.
I tried to make it as lovely as possible and gave her a very special price because she is a single mum, life isn't just too easy for her to bring up her 2 gals :) Blessings to you and your little gals Ivy !!!

A special cake for someone special :)

I accepted this quite last min order due to a very special reason requested by Marv to celebrate a birthday dinner with Esther :D God bless!

21st Precious Moment Birthday Cake

Melinda is such a sweet mummy to Michelle :) She wanted to surprise her with a sweet, simple and elegant PM cake for her 21st Birthday celebration, requested to add cute little animal as Michelle loves cute little things .. was so happy that she likes it :D

Doraemon and Friends

I was pretty excited when Jane emailed to ask for a Doraemon theme cake with his friends - Nobita and Shizuka for her kids - Mavis and Jeffrey's combined birthday celebration.

I went for a google search to see how they look like and accepted the order as I felt that I should be able to mould them, she left the design to me and was glad that she liked it :D

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Lily wanted to have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake with a princess carriage for her princess Genevieve's 1st Birthday Cake with all figurines were freehand moulded :)

Kaiser's Sesame Street cake

Veron attached a pic from Cheryl Shuen and wanted to have a similar cake design for her
little precious darling - Kaiser's 1st Birthday cake, she provided all the figurines including the candle and was glad that she and her guests like it :D

Xayvion's SID theme cake

I am super slow in updating my blog recently .. don't know why but guess I'm really not as passionate in baking as before .. hopefully I will be refreshed after the break and with the same zest as I had when discovered my love for baking as one of my dear customer emailed to encourage me :D

However .. I am still baking and decorating cakes for our families and church friends and for my hubby's ministries whenever required .. all these freely done unto HIM to show HIS love through me to the ones we know :)

okok .. back to Xayvion's cake :D

Eevon is back and emailed me several months ago and finally decided on this theme which I had never heard before - SID kids .. they are pretty challenging for me as I've never mould them before, but surprisingly I agreed .. they took me more than 1 day to mould them .. not too easy for me, but glad that Eevon and her family liked it :D

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cheerful Sun

Mike told me on Wed that Pst. Wai Leng asked him if I can bake a cheerful sun cake for bro Jason ... well, of cos no problem to bless this wonderful bro-in-Christ!!!

Yes .. it's another last min 'order' but since I didn't have any paid orders to fulfill .. so will have plenty of time to decorate one specially for him :)

Baked a lemon butter cake with lemon curd filling, used a small round cake pan for the sun cake as top tier .. bottom tier in a blue sky setting with little lambs as bro Jason is a Children Cell Leader ... Blessed Birthday bro Jason :D

Pooh's honey pot

Hui Lik has nearly forgot to get a cake for Eve and emailed me last week to ask if I could help her .. thankfully I didn't take orders and of course gladly accepted because I had been making cakes for this sweet little gal since her 1st Birthday :)

God is Gracious

Ye Kai wanted to give his girlfriend something special to express his love for her .. he didn't have any special request except a simple but classy cake, white is the main colour but to add a bit of sweet pink .. most importantly was to put the meaning of her name Johanna which is 'God is Gracious' on the cake, I was glad that he likes it :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disney Car theme

Audrey wanted to have a Disney car theme with McQueen, Tow Mater & Guido, I do not know who is Guido until I did a google search and immediately loves this character .. he is such a cute little thing .. hahahahaha

Shaun and Bitzer

Mrs Lim emailed a cake design with Shaun the Sheep theme and wanted to have a similar one for little Theodore's 5th birthday cake ..

Disney Car theme

Samantha wanted to have a Disney car theme with McQueen and Sally
for little Jayden's 3rd Birthday cake.

Super Hero Squad theme cake

Felicia told me that Angus loves super hero characters , she managed to find other figurines but need me to mould Capt. America & Hulk with the Super Hero Squad theme for his 5th birthday cake to celebrate with his little friends in school.

I was so happy to know that all the little kids went 'WOW' with the design and enjoyed the cake, and of couse little Angus enjoyed with much too :D

I didn't create the design but found several cakes with similar designs, so I would just like to try if I can manage to make it look as nice as what I've found in the net :)

Smurf Garden cake for Jun Le

Mummy Sally told me that Jun Le fascinates smurfs very much and loves the previous smurf cake I've made, so she wanted to give him a suprise on his 6th birthday celebration at school with his little friends !

** Figurines are provided by Sally :)

Rapunzel cake

Little Jae likes Rapunzel alot and of course this will be the theme cake for her 4th birthday and Mummy Eileen told me that she needs the tower to be tall enough to show her long hair ..

Little Matin's Big Elmo

Shirin Torun wanted to have this cake design for her precious little one - Matin's 1st Birthday cake :D

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Randall

Belinda told me that her little Randall likes this cake design and wanted to have a similar one for his 3rd Birthday cake to celebrate with his little friends at school :)

** Figurines provided by Belinda :)

Jaylen's Dora cake

I'd been busy with my orders and moulding till I couldn't find time to upload my photos .. or I was simply lazy? hahahahaha .. okok ..

Jenny's little princess' Jaylen likes Dora very much and requested to have this theme for her 3rd Birthday cake to celebrate her birthday, I was very happy to know that they love the design and cake :)

** Figurines provided by Jen :)