Sunday, October 30, 2011

Xayvion's SID theme cake

I am super slow in updating my blog recently .. don't know why but guess I'm really not as passionate in baking as before .. hopefully I will be refreshed after the break and with the same zest as I had when discovered my love for baking as one of my dear customer emailed to encourage me :D

However .. I am still baking and decorating cakes for our families and church friends and for my hubby's ministries whenever required .. all these freely done unto HIM to show HIS love through me to the ones we know :)

okok .. back to Xayvion's cake :D

Eevon is back and emailed me several months ago and finally decided on this theme which I had never heard before - SID kids .. they are pretty challenging for me as I've never mould them before, but surprisingly I agreed .. they took me more than 1 day to mould them .. not too easy for me, but glad that Eevon and her family liked it :D

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