Saturday, June 18, 2011

PM boy

A simple and elegant cake is what mummy Winnie wanted for her precious little darling Ezekie's 1st Birthday cake :), not too easy for me to think of the design because other than making it look elegant, I have to put in cute items that suits a 1 year old baby theme.

However, it paid off when seeing Winnie's smile on her face that she likes the cake design :D

Barnyard Farm

April Lau told me that little Keane likes farm animals ( cow, pig, sheep, dog, chick & duck ) and wanted to have them for his 2nd Birthday cake and to include the Old MacDonald .. so I made a cheerful and bright theme for him :) Blessed Birthday Keane and God bless!

Transformer Optimus Prime

I asked my youngest sis dearest .. what does Marcus like to have for his birthday cake? She told me that he likes Pokemon, Panda, Tranasformer ... etc which I can't remember :)

Initially wanted to make pandas for him, but .. oh my! our darling is already 18 this year, so I can't make something too childish for him, so decided to try out Transformer .. but I don't think I have the skill to make a 3D robot, so hahahahaha ... the transformed truck is a better option.

Blessed Birthday to my most dearest nephew - Marcus! May God bless you abundantly with Love, Peace,Joy, Health & Wisdom in your life :D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bible cake

Baked and designed a Bible with vintage feel for my hubby's colleague whom just joined their prayer group in office .. but the group overlooked that sis Diana's birthday and he called me to add in another name tag for her :D ..

So happy to see the happy bunch of God's people enjoyed the cake :)