Sunday, July 26, 2009

Krissa's 3rd cake - Precious Moment

This is the 3rd cake for little Krissa, initial design was a mini 2-tier but when Lilian brought the figurine to me, I told her that we need to change to single tier as it was too big for the top tier. She wanted to have a sweet pastel theme to match the figurine for a photo taking session.
Now I'll just wait for Lilian to email the photo to me as I remembered how pretty and different Krissa's 1st birthday cake look like when it was taken by a professional photograher .. hahahahaha

Little Krissa's 2nd cake - In the Night Garden

Hahahaha .. seriously , I've never heard of this theme ... so when Lilian told me that she wanted to have this theme for Krissa, I was .. hmmmmm .. kind of excited after I found that these characters are quite cute looking .. hahahahahaaaaa , really glad that she likes it :D

Little Krissa's 1st cake - Precious Moment

This is one of the 3 cakes that Lilian ordered for her princess - Krissa's 2nd birthday cake, this was for the childcare centre to celebrate with her. Lilian wanted the cake to be in white colour and design to be the same as little Natalie's.

Little Einstein cake for little Sean

Annie requested for Little Einstein theme for her darling Sean's 1st birthday cake, so far I've only done once but this theme did give me a bit of pressure in moulding those kids, trying hard
to resemble them as close as possible.

Precious Moment Cake for little Megan

When Priscilla brought these PM figurines to put on their precious little princess - Megan's 1st birthday cake, I was just.. 'WOW-ing' all the way ... these figurines are really so sweet looking .. but they do gave me some pressure to decorate the cake so that they can blend in .. hahahahaha

Cute Animal theme for little Isaac

Constance wanted an animal theme to celebrate her precious prince, Isaac's 1st birthday.

Raeanne's sweet pooh cake

Yvonne likes the cake that I've done for little Ashlyn , but since this is a single tier, so we've decided to use the top tier's design to make it as sweet as possible.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minnie Cake for little Kaelyn

This cake was done about 2 weeks ago, Irene Choi showed me the cake design and asked if I could replicate it. I was too busy and didn't have time to take a pic of it, thanks so much, Irene :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

NO. 1 cake - Thomas and Friends for Adriel

Michelle Tan wanted Thomas and his friends, James and Percy to celebrate little Adriel's 1st Birthday, I specially made a Thomas Candle to make it more special for him .. :D

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Baby Ian with Pooh

Yesmin wanted a Pooh theme in a treehouse playground environment for her little prince - Ian's 1st Birthday cake.

Disney car for Joshua

I know Vanessa when we were one of the volunteers helping out in our church's mini cafe, she is a very nice Korean lady whom resided in Australia for many years, her hubby was posted to Singapore last year and this is the first time that Joshua is celebrating his birthday here :D

Mini cake for Mae's colleague

I made this mini cake specially for Mae to give to her colleague - Yin Fong :D

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Wedding Cuppies

I've made another exception to make cuppies again, this time also because of my youngest sis - Mae's request .. it was really really tiring to make 90 of them. The design and colour was requested by the bride whom is Mae's good friend.
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My mummy dearest .. Happy Birthday !!

This cake was specially for my mum's Birthday .. :D Mummy was very happy especially when she sees the real bank notes being sucked by her vaccum cleaner .. hahahahahaha .. I saw this cake design somewhere and loves it ;)

MOD monkey theme for little Linus

When Trisha emailed me and told me that she wanted to have MOD monkey birthday theme for her little Linus' 1st birthday cake, I was pretty excited again .. because I don't know what is it about, and quite worried as I can't find much of these cake designs in the net .. after confirming that it's all about yellow and blue , and round circles .. ... I just leave it to God to guide me along .. after moulding the monkeys .. I was pretty happy with them after all .. heeeeee .. Thank you Lord!

Kaelyn's Precious Moment

This is one of the 2 cakes that Irene Choi ordered for Kaelyn's 2nd Birthday, she told me that she likes the one that I did for Roxanne . I am still waiting for Irene to email the Minnie cake to me leh .. hahahahah .. I was really too busy that day to take pic for it :D

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Barney & friends for Chloe

Celine wanted to have a Barney cake for her little princess Chloe's 2nd birthday .. she likes the one that I've made for Hilda , but I've made some modifications :)

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Pooh in Jungle theme for little Kayden

Pelicia requested for Pooh and his 3 friends in Jungle theme, really happy to know that she and her guests like the cake :D

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Thomas for little Javier

Veronica Soh wanted a Thomas cake with similar design as Isaac's, for her little darling - Javier's 2nd Birthday :D


1st Month Cuppies

I can't reject to make these cuppies although I'm not doing them lately.
My dearest youngest sis - Mae told me that the baby of her dear friend was a premature baby, being a young mummy and they were facing some financial issues, so my sis wanted to help them by offering to sponsor 1st month cuppies, although my schedule was pretty tight for this week, but I really want to help to lighten the burden of my dearest sis too .. so there they are !!! but .... I was totally tired after making 120 of them .. hahahahaha ..

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Lilo & Stitch for little Charlize

Adrienne wanted this theme for her little gal as Charlize likes them, I was pretty excited when I need to do new characters but of course, I must make sure that I will be able to mould them .. however, I always get their names mixed up and my boys will keep laughing at me .. hahahahaha .. and really happy that little Charlize likes the cake .. Happy Birthday !!!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ballerina Valerie

Christy Mok is back again - this time is for Valerie's 6th birthday cake, so good to see Valerie and her little brother .. they are all so good looking kids :D

A 8" butter cake

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Sweet Pooh for little Chloe

Hwee Ling wanted a sweet Pooh theme ( Isabelle's design ) with addition of a little gal figurine hugging Winnie.

A 3"+8" Moist Chocolate Cake.

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Mickey cake for little Danzel

Vivian wanted a Mickey mouse cake for her little darling Danzel in No. 1 shape, I felt very bad that I've overlooked 2 of her requirements on the colour, the name to be in yellow - the cake she wanted it to have a 2-coloured ( dark blue and white ) .. the same as I've done for Jayden's cake .. :( how can I be so careless ?? guess it's time for me to rest .. hahahahaha .. am I too tired lately le :(

No. 1 cake carved from a 8" square cake pan.


Matthias' Elmo Cake

Claire decided to have Elmo theme for her little Matthias' 1st birthday celebration, she has no idea what design for the cake , so other than giving a car for Elmo to ride, I made a red bus and train for the back of the cake side to make the cake even more lively and cheerful :D

A 6" Moist chocolate cake.

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