Monday, December 27, 2010

Carebear cake for little Heidi

Audrey wanted to have a lovely fun looking carebear theme cake for her little princess Heidi's 1st Birthday cake and was so happy that she liked it :D

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Cross Cake for my niece's bible teacher

Nothing can compare to the joy to know that another member in our family has accepted Christ!

Cynthia is my hubby's eldest niece and she has been a very caring, sweet temper and lovable child ever since I knew Mike .. she loved and had been showing a lot of care and concern to my Andre, he likes this cousin very much and I know that he will be the first one whom rejoice in our family on the minute when she received the salvation.

I wept several times when I read her message to share with Mike about her salvation.

My dearest Uncle Mike,
I just wanna share the news that I'm finally baptised in Jesus name and too received the Holy spirit on the 17th Oct!

The JOY & LOVE that God had always wanted US to have.... I finally understood and came to realise too why sometimes U've tried SO SO SO Hard to spread the Gospel to ALL of US!!!!!

Thank God for all of that.... Thank U for not giving up on US even when we seem not to understand why U had to do that..... Bless the LORD....

And our little angel up there..... he'll oversee us and like what U've chosen that verse on him.... I'll always remember how Andre had brought Christ to ur life and saved all of US with his faith and love in Jesus even during his last days here.

Thank You once again..... My dearest Uncle Mike..... May God bless U and ur family! And too I'll bring the LOVE and JOY of GOD to my loved ones too!

Have a blessed week ahead:)
Cynthia.... .

Hence, when she asked if I could bake a birthday cake for her bible teacher Samantha whom I met on my SIL's birthday lunch, I happily agreed and chosen a verse from "Proverbs 31:28 - her children arise and call her blessed" to thank her for what she has done in my niece's life.

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X'mas Cuppies .. again !

Yeah !! I'm making these cuppies for the little children this time .. specially for a few that I love in my church .. . hahahahahah , managed to give out the 16 cuppies at our combined Christmas service yesterday.

Newbie Store

Our close church friend Angie asked me if I can bake a cake for her youngest son Previn's birthday, I gladly agreed as she and Daniel had been very nice and close to us all these years.

Previn told me that he will want to have 'Newbie store' character for his cake and totally have no idea what to have for his cake, he tagged some of his T-shirts with these characters .. so I thought of making a T-Shirt with one of the characters and his favourite yellow colour as the base .. hope that he will like it :D

Blessed Birthday Previn :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Precious Moment Cowboy theme

I'm so glad to be able to make little Summer's little brother, Shane's 1st birthday cake. Mummy Sherin wanted to have a cowboy theme and managed to get a Precious Moment figurine to match the theme and leave the design to me, thanks so much again :D

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Jungle theme cake

Siew Ping wanted to have a jungle theme and emailed the party banner she bought and requested me try to mould lion, giraffe and zebra as close as possible plus a tiger, hippo & elephant. I was so happy that she and her guests like the cake :D

Snow White

I was so excited to decorate this Snow White theme cake for Eileen's precious princess, Andrea's birthday cake and overlooked on 2 of the requirements she requested (colour combination to have pink & green and 'Blessed Birthday' on cake board instead of 'Happy Birthday' ) but was so glad and relieved that she still likes the cake very much.
ps.. Thanks so much Eileen for the lovely photos and am really happy that you and especially Andrea likes it :D

Xmas Mickey & Minnie theme

Adeline wanted to have Mickey & Minnie christmas theme for her little darling Ethan's 1st Birthday cake, and specially requested for a small present cakelet for little Samson's 3rd birthday.

X'mas Cuppies

It's the time to share the joy with others during this season .. I thank God for this gifted talent given to me, that I may use it to bless others whenever I can.

These cupcakes were made upon request by my youngest son - Aleo's cell leader, sis Wai Leng, for the kids in her cell group.
I always try my best to help her even this week was really busy for me, as it was an amazing arrangement by God for her to help my 2nd son - Aloysius in his maths for the preparation for PSLE 2 years ago that he got an 'A' for the subject that he did not do well since young.

I made 20 for her cell group and 15 for Mike to bring to the Japanese Fellowship that he is serving, to bless the members on Saturday :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

For my dearest sis-in-law

I've specially made this cake for Mike's sis, as I've always love to tell whomever I know .. she is the one in the family whom is so greatly loved and respected. so it's always such a joy and blessing to be able to bake and design a cake specially for her.

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Noah's Ark

I was really glad to be able to bake and design a cake for Dolly's kids again, this time was for her little darling Noah's 1st Birthday.
She didn't request for any design other than the theme and as usual will just leave it to me which I am always so thankful and blessed for having such nice people around me :D
I just enjoy making all those figurines to fill up the space as this is one of my favourtie themes, and of course it was because of her trust in me .. and was very happy with the end result and was extremely happy to know that she and her guests loved and enjoyed it as well. Blessed Birthday little Noah!

Sesame Street theme

Siew Yen wanted to have a very colourful Sesame Street theme for her little sweetie Yi Ting's 1st Birthday, besides the 4 characters .. she had specially requested to have a milk bottle as a candle.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Animals Cake

Delphene likes this cake and wanted something similar for her little darling - Samuel's 1st Birthday cake, she specially requested for a red & blue umbrella as it is his favourite thing.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spongebob & Pooh

Thanks so much Sunita, for sending me these lovely photos and I was indeed so happy to know that you and your guests love the cake, thanks again .. God Bless!

Sunita wanted to have a bright and colourful birthday cake for little Ansh's 1st Birthday cake, other than having a little boy figurine on the top tier, she requested to have Ansh's favourite Spongebob with Pooh & Tigger beside him, she didn't have much requirements and just leave the
design to me :D

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Blessed Birthday to my sister dearest

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Mae2 .. Happy Birthday to yooooooooooooooooooou !!! Lots of love, kisses and hugs to my most dearest sis .. found this birthday prayer and would love to pray for her.
"Father, on this special day, I ask for Your special blessing and a day filled with hope, joy and wellness for Mae. I pray that this coming year might be one that will bring personal success and fulfillment for her. Father we know that You delight in blessing Your children and so I ask for this. May we all be grateful for your goodness. In Jesus' most loving name I pray .... Amen"

Mae loves this lemon buttercake very much and she just want it plain .. she had been asking me to mould her a VW car when she saw what I did for Matilda last month :D .. so happy that she likes it .. muacksssss!
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bananas in Pyjamas

I've always been excited to bake cakes for my families especially on special occasions :D .. this time was to bake one for my niece - Crystal's 21st birthday cake and I've been wondering what theme she will want. Her favourite is always Winnie the Pooh but she wanted a special theme - PYJAMAS theme!

We were told that all her guests should wear pyjamas on her birthday but was quite disappointed because the birthday gal herself didn't wear it !!! We've specially searched everywhere for pyjamas suits and was so overjoyed to be able to find for Mike and my boys but in the end, only Mike, another niece and one of her guests wore .. and we only knew when we arrived that they had an alternative colour code which was Blue & Yellow :(

Nonetheless .. I was really happy that everybody loves the cake .. I always wanted to make this kind of rotating cake but I have completely no idea how to construct one .. had been pestering Mike to help me. I am really blessed to have such a sweet and nice hubby .. he went to find the gadgets and even 'built' the cake for me, my job was just to think, design and mould the figurines .. muacks!!!!!!!!!
Top tier is a 6" rotating cake, while the most bottom one is a dummy cake ... love the overall design :D

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Car Cake

Princess Stevlynn shared the same birthday as daddy Steven, hence mummy Adelynn said that she can't leave out hubby dearest on this very important day, so she decided to have a small car cake to celebrate together on that day.

She requested to have a family of 3 and just leave the cake design to me , thanks so much dear :D

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Sweet Princess theme

Adelynn and hubby Steven wanted to have a sweet princess theme with a combination of a cow theme cake for their little princess Stevlynn's 1st birthday, after several discussion .. I've finally came out with this design and hope that they like it :D

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Monday, November 8, 2010

My niece's cupcake order

I have exceptionally accepted this cupcake order simply because my niece was sharing the cost with her friend to celebrate their friend - Siti's birthday celebration. Charelene wanted to have all the cuppies with individual friends' names to be imprinted on each of them with different colour and shades, specially requested for a 3D 'big' animal for the birthday gal :) , hahahaha .. dun ask me why but I guess the size should be able to answer the question ;D ..

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family theme

Pamela and I have been keeping in touch via email since last year that she and her family will be coming back this year from Melbourne for visitation, this will be a surprise birthday party for his dear hubby James and his twin brother John.

She mentioned that she missed the Singapore food very much and will be 'cheong-ing' for the makan sessions once she's touched down .. haaaaaaa... grandma was the one whom brought up the brothers, they love her very much so I placed her highest in the house, Megumi is the japanese wife of John so she was being placed next the brother, of course the short hair lady is Pam herself ... , hope that she and her dear family will like the cake .. Happy Blessed Birthday to the twins and I prayed for journey mercy for you and your family back to Melbourne tomorrow :D

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Farm animal theme

I was really glad that this year I am able to bake for little Guillaume's birthday cake for his 2nd Birthday party, Emilia told me that she and her dear hubby likes to have some farm animals that their little darling likes and would want to have the cake design to be something like this and this :D , but of course .. I did some modifications so that Guillaume can have his own unique cake as Emilia left the design to me ;)

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Matilda's VW Beetle cake

Raymond & Rosalind Ho are another very special friends to our family in the church, they kept us in prayers, offered help and showed us so much love during our difficult period. Last year, she had already told me that Maltida might want to celebrate her 21st birthday this year and I glady offered to bake her a cake to bless her with what God has given me.

Ros came to my house 2 weeks ago to confirm that cake that Matilda wished to have, her dream car and the theme to be in hot pink, dark purple and white. I was pretty excited as I've never carve a car cake before and because it's not a paid order, so the stress was not there .. all I need to do was to ask for our Heavenly Father's guidance and wisdom to help me to make it as nice as possible as all I love to see was Matilda's smile when she sees the cake :D
This is a 3 tier cake ( Bottom tiers = 7"+8" square cakes, I've carved the car by using a 6" square cake hence there are some wastage after carving )

Musical Notes cake for Ser Han

Sally and hubby wanted to reward Ser Han for putting in her best effort to sit for her PSLE, hence they had planned a birthday party and requested for a cute muscial note theme for her 12th birthday cake.

Takuro's cake

I made this small cake for hubby to bring to their Japanese Fellowship dinner gathering to bless a young boy whom has just accepted Christ .. to let him feel the love of Christ through us. I am so glad to know that he likes the cake very much, always feel so blessed that I am to bless others with the gift that our heavenly Father has given me. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eve's school bus cake

Made this cake during my boy's PSLE , I have to fulfill this order as Hui Lik booked in advance last year after Eve's 2nd Birthday ... she sms me on Sunday to confirm that she needed the cake on Thursday to bring to Eve's school, but I really wish that she could have inform me as early as 2-3 weeks in advance for me to discuss on the details required and need time to mould figurines and design.
It was really rushing for me as I had terrible migraine during that period but Praise God that I can still manage to complete the cake, she also requested me to bake 8 cuppies for their own mini celebration .. I could have rejected but since she only requested for a Pooh and leave the rest to me to decide, so I agreed to help her :D , however .. it was still worth the effort after seeing the sweet little Eve coming to collect her cake with mummy.

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A simple cake

I made a Pandan & Orange Chiffon in early Oct for hubby to bring to the Japanese Fellowship Service in church, was told by hubby at the very last minute that he also wish to bless one of the Japanese members - Ms Shihoko as it was also her birthday. Although I don't like last minute request, but knowing that my hubby's heart ... :)

I didn't have much time to prepare and think of the design, so woke up very early in the morning to get all things prepared .. and I can only come out with this very simple design and was glad that she liked it :D

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spongebob & Ah Dai

This cake was done in Sept 22 for nephew's friend, Daryl called me and asked if I could help his friend - Bennette to bake a cake as he was trying so hard looking for someone to bake the cake for his galfriend on that day, but only at my convenience with no obligation.

Although I have stopped taking orders but just felt that I couldn't reject him as he seldom approach me for help, but I really didn't expect the cake was meant for 2 persons.
However, since I've agreed so will only have to go ahead with the cake request, Bennette wanted the cake to be in pink and blue - Spongebob for the lady and Ah Dai was for the guy.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

God is Love

A love gift from our family to sis Angel & Ken for their baby Ezekiel's thanksgiving baby shower. He is truly a gift from God .. doctor told them that this baby's chances of being a down syndrome child is very high, but they believed that the baby will be a healthy and normal child by faith ... many prayed and God answered! Thank you Jesus for giving such a sweet and lovely baby to this lovely couple .. AMEN!

Please note that I am not doing cupcake orders but only for my church friends and families :D

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A cake with love for my niece

This was baked on last Monday for Mike's niece on her advanced birthday celebration with family, but I was so lazy to post it until today :)

A very simple cake design but the message to her is to remind her of God's divine love. Vivian dear, focus on your blessings and not to stray away from HIS way as the Lord is ever forgiving and HE loves you.

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