Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family theme

Pamela and I have been keeping in touch via email since last year that she and her family will be coming back this year from Melbourne for visitation, this will be a surprise birthday party for his dear hubby James and his twin brother John.

She mentioned that she missed the Singapore food very much and will be 'cheong-ing' for the makan sessions once she's touched down .. haaaaaaa... grandma was the one whom brought up the brothers, they love her very much so I placed her highest in the house, Megumi is the japanese wife of John so she was being placed next the brother, of course the short hair lady is Pam herself ... , hope that she and her dear family will like the cake .. Happy Blessed Birthday to the twins and I prayed for journey mercy for you and your family back to Melbourne tomorrow :D

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Allison said...

Your cakes are AMAZING!!! God Bless!

Kellie said...

Hi Allison, thanks so much for your kind comments .. God bless you and your lovely family too