Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sesame St theme cake for little Elliot

Karen wanted to have a Sesame Street theme for her little darling Elliot's 1st Birthday cake, she requested to have Elmo & Ernie sitting in their cars as Elliot likes cars a lot.

F1 cake

Jasmine's hubby - Daryl is my hubby's colleague, she asked if I can do a F1 car for her hubby as he loves it very much :) Though I've never mould and done this theme before but gladly agreed to give it a try since she didn't stress me at all :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Javis' Thomas cake

Shirlene likes this cake design, and wanted to have something similar to it for her little darling Javis' cake :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hong2's Bumblebee transformer car

My dearest buddy - Carol's sister wanted to get her son to celebrate with his little friends and their family on his 5th Birthday .. He loves transformers very much, especially bumblebee .. I was again ... freaking out when she told me about his choice for this year's cake ... hahahahahaha

Carol knows me very well that I don't like to mould these robots, so she asked her sis to buy these little toys for me to put them on little Hong2's cake, after looking at them, I told Carol that I might carve the cake into one of the toy car's design and was glad that he likes it .. so are the guests!!!

Elmo swimming with duckies

Xin Hui requested for Elmo with some duckies swimming in a swimming pool for her little sweetie Jing En's 2nd Birthday cake :)

Little Princess Jochebed

Little Jochebed handed out her invitation card to May Chu in Kingdom Tots inviting the teachers and helpers to her 6th Birthday celebration at her home last Sunday, so I thought of making her a cake as I've always wish to be able to do a little part at my side for Ps. Sharon.

I checked with Ps. Sharon if I can bake a cake for Jochebed and was glad to know that she has yet to order any cake as it was rather a spontaneous planning because she only found out of her wish last Sunday.

I asked what little Jochebed wanted for her birthday cake, and the answer was always many little gals' dream ----- Princess theme!!!

Bake Queen!!

My hubby's colleague - Sis Jo bought a new breadmaker recently and started to fall in love with bread making, and we are so blessed to get a loaf of bread from her almost every week, and each time with different flavour.

So I've decided to 'crown' her with the Bake Queen title and so happy that she and Mike's colleagues like it

God Bless Singapore !!!

We wanted to bless sis Joan before her trip back to the USA to visit her family so decided to bake for her and Ps. Tim their favourite Durian Cake for our cell group meeting last Thursday.

Initially I just want to bake a very very simple 8" round cake, but Mike called home from office suggested to have a National Day theme cake to celebrate Singapore's 46th birthday to thank God for His blessings upon our nation. , so need to do last minute changes and came out with this very simple design.

This was a Durian Chiffon with rich Durian Cream .. I only make cream cakes for families, cell group meetings and very close friends :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bible scripture cake

Specially baked this cake to bless our dearest sis Angel's little darling Ezekiel that Mike and I love very much too.

Angel's idea is to have Psalm 23 'The Lord is my shepherd ... ' . She read to Ezekiel everyday since he was in her womb and felt that he is familiar with it as he will smile every time she read to him again and again :)

So I designed the cake based on the picture she sent to me via email and made a book with the scripture and figurines and was so glad that it was very well received.

Little darling Ezekiel .. may the Lord bless you abundantly with HIS love and grant you His grace and blessing all the days of your life .. Amen!

Dennis at the beach

This year Min Yi requested me to mould 'her' at the beach with his pet dog coco, I was glad that she has allowed me to have the freedom to decide on the design and was even happier to know that she likes it :) .. hahahahaaa . not sure if he can recognise 'herself' so I've added the famous phrase that 'she' likes to say : 'so embarrassing' ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lightning McQueen cake for Noah

Rebecca likes this cake design and requested to have it for her little darling Noah's 3rd birthday cake to be brought to his school to celebrate with his little friends :)

Transformer theme

I was quite stressful when Ps. Deborah asked if I could make a transformer cake for bro Allan, they held a surprise party for him as he loves surprises .. what a cute big boy ! haaaaaa ...

I didn't have much time to mould a transformer as I'm really no good in moulding such themes too .. so attempt to carve him but was not successful as I should have make the base of the legs broader but forgotten .. I just let it stand there to see if it can hold there for several hours but finally it collapsed!

I left with no choice as it was quite late and decided to bake new batches of cakes and worked till quite late at night and woke up very very early in the morning to rush on this cake design instead, but the effort paid off as our dear bro Allan loves it, Ps Deborah was happy with it too .. Thank you Lord for the strength that You've given me thoughout, AMEN!

Letitia's Dora cake

Janice is another sweet one whom loves to give me challenges again .. haaaaaa ... this year .. she wanted Dora!!! Oh my! I told her that Dora isn't really easy to mould ( at least to me ) .. but love to accept it although she again gave me a list of requirements including specific colours but she gave me no stress to do the cake for her.

I was glad that she loves the design and didn't complain how Dora looks .. but I had still overlooked on 2 of her requests (1) to have 3D standing name and (2) 'Happy Birthday' wording, despite reading through her email but was so thankful that she didn't mind about that :) Thanks so much Janice!

Little Kylan's Thomas on No. 1 cake

I was so happy to be able to bake and decorate this cake for Linda's little darling - Kylan because they are back to Singapore from Dubai to celebrate his 1st birthday with their family :D

Linda likes this cake design but wanted only Thomas and a toy giraffe on the NO. 1 cake :)

I was so glad that she and her family likes the cake.

Krissa's Thomas and Strawberry House cake

Little Krissa's birthday continued and this was her 2nd cake to celebrate with her little friends at school :), mummy Lilian likes this design and wanted something similar but to omit SS gal and Timmy, I used a 5" + 6" round cakes to carve the shape of the strawberry house and glad that it looks pretty good. :D