Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farm Animal theme

Stephanie wanted to have a farm animal theme cake with rabbits, pigs and dogs for baby Lucas' 1st Birthday cake, the main animal must be rabbits, so I made a bb boy carrying a rabbit to put on the top tier for her :D

Charlene & Charles' cakes

Sabrina told me that baby Charlene shares the same birthday as daddy, so I made a daddy with a little gal on the cake with a lovely cake design, not forgetting to have some colourful balloons as she particularly likes them at this moment :D
Little Charles will be celebrating his 3rd Birthday together with bb Charlene too, so Sabrina also requested for a separate cake for him too

Cross cake for Mike's colleagues

Mike requested me to use swiss rolls to make a Cross design to bless his colleagues in the prayer group. I made 1 tiramisu and a matcha with azuki bean filling and was so glad that they like them both.

Strawberry Shortcake

Janice is back again and this time she requested to have a Strawberry Shortcake theme for Letitia's 4th Birthday cake .. hmmmmm .. I'm glad that she had finally allow me to design the cake with a list of some requirements that she had specifically required.

Aleo's Adventure Time

This cake of "Adventure Time" theme was baked for my Aleo's 14th birthday. We pray that God would multiply his effort for the glory of His name. Showers of mercy & grace falling on his face. Amen.

Neverland theme for Krissa's cake

Lilian told me that Krissa wanted to have a Neverland theme with some of her favorite characters - Jake, Izzy, Cubby & Scully to be on her cake :D, as usual .. she will just leave the design to me giving me not much stress except I've not too sure who are these guys . hahahahahaa

Little Marcus' cake

It is really happy to be able to bake and decorate for William's little darling Marcus' 2nd Birthday cake, he wants to have Mickey & Elmo in a McQueen convertible for this year's cake :D

Little Kayla's Little Pony Cake

So so so happy to see April's email again, this time she told me that Kayla requested for Little Pony theme for her 5th Birthday cake, specially requested for Twilight Sparkle, pinkie pie .. was very happy to know that Kayla and her classmates like it with lots of oohs and aahs in the class .. heeeeeee

Doggies' cake

I normally don't do cream cakes but always make it exceptional for Kim cos I really love her 6 maltese .. this  time she wanted to have the 4 birthday kids in 2D forms .. Happy Barkday to Duke, Beau, Enzo and Dion :D

Mummy's Xiao Long Bao

specially created this 小龍包 for my mummy dearest's birthday .. mum asked me if the bamboo steamer rack is a real one, so did my bro-in-law david .. hahahahahaha

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake for little Ethan

A mickey mouse clubhouse cake for Elicia's little darling Ethan's 1st Birthday cake.

Kyenne's Honey Pot cake

This cake was made in June, but I was super lazy to update my blog .. most of the cakes that I've done were mostly from my repeat clients :D

Ivel wanted to have a honey pot cake for Kyenne's 2nd birthday cake which is something similar to this , but she requested to have a very happy Pooh, and I was really happy to know that she likes it.