Sunday, April 24, 2011

Little Sara's barnyard cake

Lin Min wanted to have a barnyard theme cake for her little darling Sara's 2nd Birthday cake, she didn't have much request but only wanted the animals as in this cake ,a barnyard cake as the top tier and the animals to be in 3's for her 3 kids, and leave the design to me, thanks so much too for accomodating the cake collection time :)

Kayyan's Thomas cake

So happy to see Cass' email request again but this time is little Zayden's younger brother - Kayyan's 1st birthday cake.

Ivan's Peugeot car

Shem requested for a peugeot car for her hubby dearest's cake and with their sweet family of 4 to celebrate his 40th birthday :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

Noodle Bowl Cake for my MIL

It was a very last minute notice given to make a cake for my mil's birthday celebration, miscommunication between the cousins .. but thank God that I've managed to complete it.

My 2nd boy - Aloysius suggested to make a noodle bowl so I went to do a google search and found a cake design which looks so fun to make, my youngest boy Aleo came to me and asked if I need his help, so I asked if he could help me to make the carrots, spring onions and egg? He said, no problem .. leave it to me .. haaaaaa .. his work is not too bad hor! heeeeeee It is such a blessing to be able to bake and design/decorate something that make the families happy, and I enjoyed the process throughout the night and especially love to see how they love the cake. Praise GOD !!!

Kaylee's airplane cake

So happy to see Huei Juin back to order an airplane cake for her little Kaylee's 3rd Birthday cake, she told me that her little princess loves to go the airport to see airplanes and requested me to mould a little trolley bag for her too.

PM twins

My good friend cum ex-collick ordered these cakes for her twin boys' 1st Birthday celebration, she just passed those lovely figurines to me and leave everything to me and I had much fun doing them and am really happy that they like the cake too :D

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goldilocks & the 3 bears

I was so happy to be able to make this theme when Josephine told me that she wanted them for her sweetie princess Enya's 3rd Birthday cake :) She attached some pictures of how she wanted the cake to be and wanted it to be as colourful as possible.

The Wheels on the Bus

George wanted to have the Wheels on the Bus theme with Beep the bus and the musical instruments, Daisy the dog, Incy Wincy Spider, Jasper the Clown and Twinkle on Nicholas' 1st Birthday cake in the shape of No. 1.

A simple cake for Lydia

I don't know Lydia but while talking to sis Joanne in church last month, knowing that they wanted to bake a durian cake for her birthday but sis Joanne will be away to India for a mission trip .. hence she is unable to bake for her.

She remembered that I've ever baked a durian cream cake for her and Ps Tim several years ago and asked me for the recipe .. thinking that I should be able to help her to bake so I gladly take over her task to bake and decorated it to bless Lydia :D

Praise God for His faithful son - my hubby dear purposely went to buy those yummy durians and helped me to get all the flesh out till midnight .. even came back during his lunch break just to deliver the cake to Tung Ling Bible School for Ps Tim, he just love to serve God and His people whenever he can :)

Little Jie En's Precious Moment

Really love all the lovely figurines from Precious Moment when Lynn passed them to me for the cake.. and always love to do this theme.

She requested to have a sweet garden theme with little bunnies, ladybugs, bumble bees, cute little mushrooms and wanted something similar to Maishia's design.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Butterfly Garden theme cake for little Kayla

Nicole emailed to me in Feb that she and her family will be specially coming back to Spore from USA to celebrate her little sweetie Kayla's first birthday.

She likes the cake that I've done for Kaylee and wanted it to be something similar, but requested to have a cute tiger and a big No. 1 and to incorporate the flowers and little butterflies as in the invitation card into the cake design and leave the rest of the design to me :D

GOD is good!

Our cell leader's wife -Wee Leng was told by her gynae that she had 2 cysts in her fallopian tube which was a relapse case .. she was advised to go for surgery to have them removed.

Knowing that this was a burden in their hearts for quite some time .. I brought this request to our God in my spirit while preparing to make a cake to bless her as a belated birthday celebration during our cell fellowship meeting on Thursday, instead of putting 'Blessed Birthday' .. I felt so strongly that I have to put 'God Bless Wee Leng'.

Praise God!! God is good! HE is always good!

Wee Leng called me the next day and I felt so blessed that I was the first one that she broke the news to me !!

She went for a check up on Friday .. doctor scanned and couldn't find the cysts anymore !!!

YES!!! God healed her .. I was lost of words when she told me and all I could do was just kept praising God ..

I believed that God has already healed her when she and Yong De went for the altar call at church recently and this is just a confirmation message to encourage me to be strong in faith and in prayer - whether to pray out loud or to have a true compassionate heart to bless others .... Thank you Lord Jesus :D

I made a very simple and super mini moist choc cake sandwiched with a layer of fresh blueberries and another layer of fresh strawberries filled with chocolate ganache.

Gift Box Garden Cake for Ann

Ann wanted to have a sweet pink theme for her 21st Birthday cake, she has given me a list of things that she specifically wanted to put on her cake .. was happy to know that she likes it :D

Little Joshua's Pooh cake

Carine is back to order little Joshua's cake to celebrate his 2nd Birthday .. and this year was as usual .. she gave me a ppt file with some preferences and ideas she had for his cake but leave the rest of the design to me , and I am glad that the overall design looks pretty lovely and cheerful ;D
Thanks so much for the photo .. Carine and am really happy to know that you and your guests like it , God bless ! :D :D :D

Keane's BMW M3

Keane always give me challenges in making his cakes .. from the Army tank to Transformer cake .. and to this BMW M3 car, I always freak out when I am asked to mould these themes because seriously .. I'm really not so good in all these but at times I do want give it a try.