Saturday, April 9, 2011

A simple cake for Lydia

I don't know Lydia but while talking to sis Joanne in church last month, knowing that they wanted to bake a durian cake for her birthday but sis Joanne will be away to India for a mission trip .. hence she is unable to bake for her.

She remembered that I've ever baked a durian cream cake for her and Ps Tim several years ago and asked me for the recipe .. thinking that I should be able to help her to bake so I gladly take over her task to bake and decorated it to bless Lydia :D

Praise God for His faithful son - my hubby dear purposely went to buy those yummy durians and helped me to get all the flesh out till midnight .. even came back during his lunch break just to deliver the cake to Tung Ling Bible School for Ps Tim, he just love to serve God and His people whenever he can :)

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