Saturday, April 2, 2011

GOD is good!

Our cell leader's wife -Wee Leng was told by her gynae that she had 2 cysts in her fallopian tube which was a relapse case .. she was advised to go for surgery to have them removed.

Knowing that this was a burden in their hearts for quite some time .. I brought this request to our God in my spirit while preparing to make a cake to bless her as a belated birthday celebration during our cell fellowship meeting on Thursday, instead of putting 'Blessed Birthday' .. I felt so strongly that I have to put 'God Bless Wee Leng'.

Praise God!! God is good! HE is always good!

Wee Leng called me the next day and I felt so blessed that I was the first one that she broke the news to me !!

She went for a check up on Friday .. doctor scanned and couldn't find the cysts anymore !!!

YES!!! God healed her .. I was lost of words when she told me and all I could do was just kept praising God ..

I believed that God has already healed her when she and Yong De went for the altar call at church recently and this is just a confirmation message to encourage me to be strong in faith and in prayer - whether to pray out loud or to have a true compassionate heart to bless others .... Thank you Lord Jesus :D

I made a very simple and super mini moist choc cake sandwiched with a layer of fresh blueberries and another layer of fresh strawberries filled with chocolate ganache.

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