Sunday, December 28, 2008

Barney & Cinnamoroll in Rainbow Garden

Little Natalie and her aunt, Regina shared the same birthday - so Sherina wanted both's names to be on the cake. Natalie likes Barney and Regina prefers Cinnamoroll .. so they were all put onto the cake to celebrate with them.

A 9" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Strawberry Shortcake for Renise

Irene likes the Precious Moment cake I did for little Natalie , but she wanted SS to be placed on the top tier for her sweet Renise's 1st Birthday cake.

This is a 6"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Log Cake

I made this simple log cake for our cell group Christmas gathering - it's a coffee swiss roll sandwiched and covered with bailey, kahlua and coffee fresh cream.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Pooh

Cassandra wanted a Christmas theme cake with Pooh and friends on little Clarrisa's 2nd Birthday Cake .., she wanted the cake to be colourful and more detailed to 'WAH' her guests .., hopefully it can meet her expectation .. :D

A 10" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Christmas Cake

Lilian had been asking me to bake the moist chocolate cake for her since her daughter's birthday, but I kept delaying as I really can't find time to do for her yet .., and since she just want a small cake to celebrate with her hubby and little
Krissa - I can't say 'No' this time .. hahahahaha

A very small 4" cake - igloo is also made from a small dome cake pan.


Christmas Cake

Christy will be celebrating Christmas with close friends/families ., and wanted a small cake and must have 4 figurines for the little children so that they won't 'fight' for them ..

I was actually very tired after the 3 days at church .. but still had to do them as promised .. this idea was inspired by a blogger's xmas cake ..

A 6" Moist chocolate cake.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Princess cake for Sarah Joy

Thanks God that I still can manage time to do 1 cake for little Sarah ..

Angeline likes to have combination of the Spot Dog Cake and the Princess cake that I've made for Charlize, and requested me to combine both to create baby Sarah Joy's 1st Birthday Cake.

A 6"+10" Moist Chocolate & Carrot Orange cake.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Barney N Friends for Javian

Stephanie wanted to have Barney and Friends for little Javian's 1st birthday cake .. oh hhhhh .. I really have not much idea how to decorate Barney cakes ..
so can only think of making the yellow bus and let them sit around it .. ;D

A 8" Moist Chocolate cake.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pooh in Playground

Adeline wanted a cheerful playground theme with rainbow and a sun as a background for Pooh and his friends to play on the cake for her little Samson.

A 10" Moist Chocolate cake.


Flower Garden

Sann saw the Spot in the Garden that I made for little Sophie, she attended her birthday party and loved the cake .. she emailed the plates that she bought for the party and asked if I could make the butterfly, flower to put on the cake .., I guess shouldn't be a problem , so I tried my best to make them to look alike. .:D

8"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Pooh and Friends for Baby Kiran

Sheryl wanted to have Pooh and all the friends to celebrate with little Kiran ..

6"+9" Moist Chocolate Cake.



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes for my dearest Brother-In-Law

It's only because my dearest sis loves my cupcakes - otherwise .. I really don't feel like doing them .. hahahahaha !!

Both David and Mae had been so lovingly sweet and nice to my Andre and even to Aloysius and Aleo, they accompanied him throughout and loved him so much .., so whatever Mae wants, I will surely try to fulfill her wishes within my limit of course .. haha , so the more - I really wish that they will come to know more about Christ and this had always been Andre's wish .. hmmmmmmmmmm

Mae told me before that David loves his car a lot, but the pot of gold is what she likes .. heeeeeeee .., I didn't know how to decorate and theme it up , so this is what I've come up with !


Monday, December 8, 2008

Pin Cushion Cake for my Sis-in-Law

Yesterday night, our dearest niece - Cynthia only notify us that they will be celebrating her mummy's birthday this evening ... I don't have much time to prepare but already had this design in mind which I've seen somewhere in the internet., like this idea because my SIL is always a very good cook and tailor, she sews so well and can do almost anything upon request. .. but of course, we will try to avoid troubling her but not her cooking .. hahahahahaha!!

Sis is the most respectable person in my hubby's family, I know the reason why confirmation came so late, most probably it's because everyone want to wait for Mike's eldest brother and family to be returned from their holiday trip to celebrate her birthday, no one will want to be missed to bless her .. I guess, whomever invited by my youngest SIL to the birthday celebration should be feeling very blessed. ;D


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Veggie Tales - Story Book on Jonah

My church friend - Maureen asked if I can make a cake for her grandnephew for his 2nd birthday on 6 Dec, since I didn't take in any orders for this weekend, and since the cake is not big, I gladly accepted because .. Maureen is such a nice lady whom I don't have the heart to say 'No' ., and I love to try my hands on 'veggie tales' .. many toddlers and little kids love to watch the DVDs, though I have not seen them before but heard that they are very cute and interesting, and I really want to make little Caleb happy to see his favourite characters on his birthday cake.

I've longed to make a story book cake with these 3D figurines on it, and thanks God !! I love it ... cute !! hahahahahaha

A 7" Square Moist Chocolate Cake


A simple cake for Mike's colleagues

I really thought that I could have a good rest during this week, so initially didn't have plan to accept any orders - however ... hahahahahaha I still need to work, but not so stressful ;)

On Monday, I made about almost 250 mini bread cups with mayo egg and pizza tops for my boys' church camp in the church.

On Tuesday, I've done up the Shoe Cake for Royal Kids' Camps.

When I thought that I can rest for a while, or maybe to start to mould some figurines for next week's order .., Mike asked me to make a small cake for his colleague in his prayer group in office .. ,
at the same time, I also need to prepare some light snacks for our cell group meeting on Thursday .. so I can't rest again ... haha


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Animal Shoe House Cake

We felt so blessed when approached by Caroline in our church , to bake a cake to bless the children for ROYAL KIDS' CAMP SINGAPORE,originates from the USA and is the nation's leading network of camps for abused, abandoned and neglected children.

This cake was made from 2 x 7" round cakes, 2 x 8" round cake, a small dome shaped cake.,

I got inspiration of this idea from my baking kaki .. ;) thinking that the children will love it.

I made many alterations to shape it to look like a shoe cake design which I've found in the internet, and changed the 'skin' once when I don't like the colour combination, working from
early morning till about 11.30pm and need to attend to my youngest son, he was sick yesterday and I had to stop half way to look after him so my mood had been affected quite a bit and was too tired after completion .. hahaha ! Very sorry if I've yet to reply emails .. will try to by today :D


Monday, December 1, 2008

Precious Moment Cake - Natalie

Mei Ling likes the first PM cake that I've made for little Eve, but she wants something different but still as sweet.

I've searched many cake designs and finally settled down with some sweet designs and married them to produce this sweet looking PM cake for her sweet little Natalie.

6"+10" Moist Chocolate Cake.


Strawberry Shortcake - Jayla

I was not feeling well when I was decorating this cake, it really took me almost 1 whole day to complete it - need to rest for a while before doing the next step :( .,.. had a very terrible headache - really need to have a break, my buddies had been bugging me to rest rest rest ...

Jerlyn wanted to give her little Jayla a SS cake for her 2nd birthday , she has given me some designs but in the end, she was happy with this one design that I've found in the internet and showed her, I did some modification for her single tier cake.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thomas and Friends

Thomas and his friends - Percy and James, for Irene Koh's little prince - Xavier's 1st birthday cake.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spot the Dog in Flower Garden

Su Ching told me that little Sophie likes Spot very much, and wanted the doggy to be in a flower garden, it was so nice to meet Su Ching's lovely family and of course - baby Sophie ..


Pooh in flower garden

Elaine Go likes the cake that I've made for my buddy - Carol and wanted the floral design to be used on the bottom tier, while Pooh and friends were having picnic on the top tier :D


No. 1 Piggies for little Brandon

A small No. 1 Piggies cake for litte Brandon, and mummy Sabrina requested to put a baby boy sitting on the cake :D


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peter Rabbit Cupcakes for Susan's hubby

My church friend requested me to make some cuppies for her hubby, she wanted Peter Rabbit - need to search for the image as I don't know who is he, and ... really not easy to mould this kind of classic figurines, and my peter rabbit ate too much carrots - he needs to go on diet ..hahahahaha :( , lately I don't do cuppies as an individual order, but this is an exceptional case :)


Pooh figurine for my dearest sis

I've made a figurine specially for my sis, this year she doesn't want a cake because they will be going for a short trip during the weekend to celebrate her birthday.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sesame Street for little Isaac

Rachel wanted this theme for little Isaac's first birthday cake .. she didn't request for any special requirements except for the board to be covered with fondant and the little birthday boy's favourite colour - RED !! ..

Pooh Garden - Kiyaan

Kelly Chew wanted to have sponge fingers to be wrapped around the 1st tier carrot carrot , bottom tier will be in garden theme :D

Little princess Bridgette with Pooh and friends

Little Bridgette playing with her orange hankie on her royal chair as requested by her mummy - Fang .. and to have some special invited guests to be with her on her 1st birthday cake :D