Monday, December 8, 2008

Pin Cushion Cake for my Sis-in-Law

Yesterday night, our dearest niece - Cynthia only notify us that they will be celebrating her mummy's birthday this evening ... I don't have much time to prepare but already had this design in mind which I've seen somewhere in the internet., like this idea because my SIL is always a very good cook and tailor, she sews so well and can do almost anything upon request. .. but of course, we will try to avoid troubling her but not her cooking .. hahahahahaha!!

Sis is the most respectable person in my hubby's family, I know the reason why confirmation came so late, most probably it's because everyone want to wait for Mike's eldest brother and family to be returned from their holiday trip to celebrate her birthday, no one will want to be missed to bless her .. I guess, whomever invited by my youngest SIL to the birthday celebration should be feeling very blessed. ;D


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