Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jerome's soccer theme cake

My hubby - Mike's colleague - sis Jo and her family with her eldest sis came to our house for a prayer meeting/fellowship last friday, we happened to know that Jerome's birthday is near and Mike told him that I will be able to bless him with a cake since I've stopped taking orders tentatively :)

After knowing the theme that he wanted, I had to do research on soccer cakes and decided to make a soccer shoe with a ball .. this is another challenging theme for me because ... I don't like soccer .. hahahahahaha

Blessed Birthday Jerome :D

Winnie the Pooh cake for Caius

My last paid order in 2011 done about 2 weeks ago .. I've forgotten to post it as my mind was totally switched off .. hahahahaha , I really need to take a good long break after this, till next year for some orders need to be fulfilled.

Erica wanted to have a cake that was similar to Xavier's design for her darling Caius' 1st Birthday cake , but I was got too carried away and created another totally different design ..
I am indeed very blessed to have another gracious customer whom accepted it :D Thanks so much Erica dear :D

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pirate & Mermaid theme

I remembered making little Sara's birthday cake which Mummy Lin Min specially requested that all the animals must be in 3's.

Her 2nd order was for baby Gavin & Jie2 Megan's combined birthday celebration, I will also need to make all sea creatures in 3's .

Lin Min is very very forgiving and I'm so thankful to her graciousness to accept my silly mistake made .. I've mixed up Megan & Gavin's age, not sure what happened to me, but I must be too happy that my orders for this year were almost fulfilled .. no time to re-take pictures as I had to swop both Number candles on the spot and 'glued' back to dropped panel with part of Gavin's name on it .. I guess it was due to the extremely wet weather that day.

Lin Min left the design totally to me and was glad that she likes them .. it took me the whole day just to carve and decorate both cakes, could be able to complete earlier but again .. I have to blame the weather :D

Little Einstein

I enjoyed making Lin Kwee's MIL's cake and was so happy that this time was for her darling Oliver's 4th Birthday cake .. she told me that 'Leo' is his favourite character in Little Einstein, so requested to have him to be the biggest among the 4 of them.

I was so happy that she likes the design and even happier that Oliver loves it and enjoyed his birthday celebration on that day .. God bless and Blessed Birthday Oliver !!!