Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jia En's Mermaid cake

My younger sis May's boss likes the Mermaid cake I made about 2 weeks ago and wanted to have a similar design for her little darling Jia En 

Treasure Chest Cover Bible

The message spoken by Ps James Goll during Kingdom Invasion 2014 inspired me to bake this Cake to bless Mike's altar team member, Karen and Jason but he went for Sat. service so only Karen's name appeared on the gold medallions. The theme is "Treasures old, treasures new" - the Holy Bible with the treasure chest as top cover.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Belle & Boo theme cake

I am really not good in moulding these kind of classic characters - the 3 figurines from Belle & Boo had taken so much time to mould, I had to take note of the colour and clothings that they wore with details, the face features etc .. was so drained after completing the cake that I need to bake a chiffon cake to de-destress.

Blackboard cum Bible Cake

I specially baked a banana cake to bless sis WeeLeng during cell group meeting, cake designed with a blackboard cover for the bible was because not only she is a teacher but she is also our cell worship leader, a sunday school teacher ,,,

Blue Car Cake

Lynette requested for the same design that i made 2 yrs ago - for her boy's 3rd birthday cake celebration in school, no special request except the colour to be in blue.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Elle's mermaid cake

Evelyn told me that Elle likes to have a mermaid theme for her 7th birthday cake.