Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kaylee's cake of fishes

I am always feeling so thankful for my clients when they come back for repeated orders and Huei Juin is one of them :D

She told me that little Kaylee is now into fishes , she is excited and loves to see fishes and this really surprised me .. hahahahahaha .. mummy Juin didn't have any designs on mind but just requested for fish and some balloons for the theme.

I am really glad that our little birthday gal and her guests like the cake and the design :D

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A simple cake with bun people for my mil

I didn't make any elaborate design for mil this year, because I had 2 orders were either postponed or brought forwarded .. and mil's birthday celebration should be the week before, but it clashed with sil's mother's birthday .. so she wanted it to be held 1 day after her actual birthday.

I didn't have much time to do a nicer design, but thank God that I saw HHB's recent bakes - fruit pastry cake!! and i like the simple fruit arrangement and thought that this cake should be good for mil as the fruits that I put on top were blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and peaches ...

So, instead of just having a plain design .. I made 'longevity bun people' .. the bigger one represented mil and 10 little people were all her grandchildren ( and of course .. my darling Andre must be included ), some of our nephews and nieces were attached so the family is really growing .. however, the little girl in the photo was not mil's grandchild, she is a granddaughter of my mil's closest friend - Auntie Mui's.

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Little Kyan's Thomas and Friends cake

Felicia is my friend, Jerine's cousin .. and .. oh !! they do look alike , hahahahahha .. I always like to address Jerine as 美女 when we worked together in our ex company years ago.

Felicia likes the Thomas theme cake that I made for Zi Ming , and she wanted to have the design to be something similar to it .. for her little darling-Kyan's 1st Birthday cake.

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Happy Barkday sweetie Angel

I've been so lazy to post photos lately .. not sure why .. hahahahaha .. plain lazy :)

This cake was meant for one of Kim's precious 6-Angel's 7th birthday, Kim told me that Angel likes to play with her toys so I've specially made a toy box and put Angel in the box to camouflage herself to play peek-a-poo with her mummy dearest .. hahahahahah

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Pierre gone fishing

This was a last minute request from my sis most dearest - Mae, she called me on late Friday evening that she needs a mini cake for her boss' son's birthday.

Since one of the orders had been postponed to 2 weeks later, so ... instead of having more time to rest, I think that I should be able to help ..... I woke up at about 4.30am to get all the things done as I need to attend the Mother Tongue Comprehension Workshop on Saturday morning at 7.30am, it was a very tiring day but still .. I was so happy to be able to complete the cake for her on time :D

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Little Kayla's Hello Kitty Castle

A Hello Kitty Castle cake theme was what Dolly wanted for her little princess Kayla's Birthday cake, I was rather surprised to see so many small kitties when she brought them to me together with 3 bigger ones .. but can't put them all on the cake as it will look quite congested, so I've omitted one of them :D

Overall, I find that the design look sweet and cute :)

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little Joshua's sesame street theme cake

I love how this cake turned out for little Joshua's cake .. mummy Carine's email attached with a list of required items she wanted for her precious little one's 1st Birthday cake.
I didnt' feel any stress in making the cake because although she had written down what she wanted but at the same time, she also gave me the flexibilty on the design and to change the colour or position of the figurines, she must have spent quite some time to compile them as they were so detailed and clear to me. .. thanks so much Carine for your sweet feedback and really happy to know that you and your guests like it :D

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Another sweet pooh & minnie cake ..

Joey wanted to have a pooh theme with baby minnie and some little cows for her sweetie Candice's 1st Birthday cake, she didn't have any designs in mind but wanted it to be in sweet pink.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Transformer Cake

When April told me that she wanted to have a Transformer theme - Optimus Prime & Bumblebee for Keane & Kaeus' combined birthday, I was 'errrrrrrrrrr ... Oh No!!! Not transformer !!!' ... hahahahahaha .. seriously, I am really weak in moulding figurines for any super heros or robot related theme, so I told April that I have no confidence in making them and she gladly allowed to give me time to try on them before committing.

April is really kind and nice to even give me an alternative to make the Bumblebee into car form when I emailed to her that I was having problem when I tried to make it., I tried making it but it really looked funny during my 1st attempt, in order not to disappoint her and our birthday boys ..

I've decided to try again but got to seek help from my buddy as my internet was down for the past few days, she emailed several pictures of the Bumblebee as it was her nephew's favourite characters at the moment .. and finally I was quite pleased with how it turned out, although not as nice but still .. I was glad that we didn't have to fall back to Keane's another favourite theme - Army which I made for his 4th birthday cake last year :D

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A sweet pink castle cake for Princess Shermayne

Shermayne's cake was done last week but had been delayed in posting due to internet connection problem for the past few days :)

Thanks so much for mummy Irene to entrust the design to me, she requested to have a carriage & a see-saw and the cake to be in sweet pink as it is Shermayne's favourite colour.

I was pretty happy with how the castle cake turned out as it blended in the disney princesses figurines that Irene passed to me, and most importantly the cake matched our sweet and pretty Shermayne's beautiful princess gown.