Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dress Cake

Wee Leng's 2nd cake request - she said .. just a yellow sundress with polka dots :)

Car theme

Just when I thought that I can rest and kept all my tools aside, my dear cell leader's wife - Wee Leng called and asked if I can help her to make 2 cakes for her colleagues .. this one was a very small and simple cake with any car figurine.

Little Julian's Tigger Cake

Adeline likes this cake design and wanted to have something similar to it but requested to have the tigger in that lying position, and specially requested for tiger stripes for her little darling Julian's 1st Birthday cake.


Sue told me that her dear nephew wanted to have an Ultraman cake for his birthday.

I've hesitated for a while before decided to give it another try because the little boy was admitted to hospital under treatment for pneumonia, hope that this little cute version of Ultraman will be able to put a smile on his face :)

I am really no good in making any superhero or related theme, done a spiderman theme before and really freaked me out.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rainbow & Cars

Shi Yi and Kert are our church friends and I certainly love to create a cake specially for their little Samuel's 1st Birthday when they approached me :)

Shi Yi told me that she has no special theme but maybe just cars for him, so I've decided to create a rainbow cake & colourful little cars .. and not to forget the baby which inspired by Glad as I really love the little barefoot baby that she made earlier :D

Strawberry house

Karen Chee told me that her little Faith wanted to have Thomas for her 3rd Birthday cake, but she felt that she has to get something more girlish instead of the train, so asked me to add in SS gal and Timmy Time for the cake.

I've actually intended to make a garden setting cake with the characters on it, but feel that it will look rather bored, hence this was what I've came out with and was so glad that Karen and family loves the cake .. Blessed Birthday Faith :D

My family's May 'babies'

I've to crack my brain to design a cake for my family's combined birthday celebration every year .. but I enjoyed the process :)

My bil - Sam is a Plant Manager with a local construction company, while his eldest son Daryl loves sailing, younger boy Brandon loves to play pc games and our family friend Gigi is a cat lover .. so I've to combine all these 'essence' in a cake but not to make it look too rojak .. it's rather challenging for me but love how the cake looked like .. hahahahaha

Calla Lily Cake

Cheryl wanted to have 50 Calla Lilies for her mum - Lily's 50th year old birthday cake :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pooh cake for twin boys

Elyn wanted to have a cake something similar to this design, for her darling twin - Kaeden & Kieren's 1st Birthday cake :D

Basketball & Bicycle theme cake

Janice emailed to request a basketball & bicycle theme cake for her brother's 21st year old cake, this was meant to be a surprise cake for him :D

I was having so much difficulty in making the bicycle and it actually took me the whole night
to get it right, I nearly had a heart attack when the front part fell off after I've taken the picture .. but thank God that they were able to stick back and reached the venue safetly after Janice came to collect it :D

I was even more happy to know that Mervyn had a very nice and pleasant surprise when he saw the cake, thanks so much to Jance for the extremely sweet and nice feedback on the cake that she and the guests all loved it :D

Sony Erricson phone

I was supposed to decorate a very simple cake for my youngest son's classmate, he called me to place the order with a very very simple request to have only his name and "Happy Birthday" wordings on the cake because he was given a very low budget by his mum over the phone :)

My dearest boy said to me, " Mum, make him a hp cake, Bing Quan is obsessed with all types of android phones" ... I was like "Ah!!? .. my dear boy, the cake will cost more than what his mum will be paying"

However, in order to see the sweet smile on his face, I went to do a google search to find the simplest design that I will be able to make within short time frame and done a simple design cake for his good friend - Bing Quan :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A simple cake for Geraldine

Baked and decorated a simple cake for my hubby's colleague - sis Geraldine before her trip to Japan, as a volunteer of her church in the relief effort for the earthquake & tsunami victims. To share abroad God's love for the Japanese. : )

Monday, May 9, 2011

Snake & Pig buddy

This was a very very last min order from my dearest youngest brother-in-law - David, his buddy had almost forgotten that he promised 2 of his staffs that he will get them a cake to celebrate their birthdays, usually I don't accept last min orders but will always try my best not to dissapoint him and my dearest sis .. so I gladly accepted to help him :)

He requested to have these 2 animals on the cake but I've decided to crave them from 2 smaller cakes as I thought that they should be quite interesting to be carved from cake :D

Pororo for little Yan Kei

I was pretty excited when Adel requested for a Pororo theme cake for her little darling Yan Kei's birthday cake as I love these cute characters, and was so thankful that she left the design to me and requested for Pororo and Crong to be on the cake :)

Little Jie Chen's Thomas & Barney cake

Thanks so much Seline for emailing Jie Chen with the cake pic to me, I just love to see his sweet and cute expression.

I'm so glad to see Seline's email again, this time she requested to have Barney & Thomas the train for little Jie Chen's 2nd birthday cake.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super Little Mommy's cuppies

Angel is Snow Prince's wife and I've again accepted this 'exceptional' request because of Kim whom had been ordering cakes for her precious six since 2 years ago .. I saw how she loves her 6 precious 'kids' and how well behaved are they that made her to be such a proud 'mummy' to them .

She wanted to have a 'wardrobe theme' as Angel has a better wardrobe than Kim does because she did Doggie Modelling before.

According to Kim, Angel is such a fabulous mommy that her dedication to her 4 babies who are all so grown up now always just touches her, so she wanted the wording ' Little Super Mommy' to be placed on the cake board.

Little Faith's PM cake

When Rachael passed the figurines to me, I really had not much idea on how to design the cake but am so grateful that she had totally trust me with her little princess Faith's 1st Birthday cake, thankfully that she likes it :D

PM cake for Jovie

Kendra likes to have an unicorn & a princess carriage to match the PM figurine that she bought for little Jovie's birthday cake.

Toy Story theme cake for Julian

This was quite a fun theme but not really easy to mould their expression .. at least to me .. it is :D

Gruffalo cake for Reuben

I was so happy to be able to bake a 'normal' cake for little Reuben , but was quite freaked out when Faith told me that he likes this ugly but kind monster - Gruffalo for his 5th Birthday cake .. spent quite some time to google search and Youtube.com to try to know more about him before moulding him ..

A sweet Hello Kitty Cake for Vanice

I've specially made a sweet Hello Kitty cake for my dearest buddy-Michelle's precious little gal - Vanice's 5th Birthday, she had been unwell for the past few weeks so I just want to cheer her up.

God bless our sweet little princess :)