Monday, December 14, 2009

A Cath Kidston theme Cake for our most respected person ..

in Mike's family - SIS ! She is my hubby's dearest elder sis whom loves everyone in the family and loved by everyone in the family and whoever knows her as well :D

It should be an honour to be able to bake and decorate a cake for her ... .......

I was inspired by a cake design I saw somewhere in the net and just loved it and know that I just have to make a replica of it, no other occasion is more appropriate than this as I can make whatever I like.
Thanks so much to 'M' for the link that the original cake design was from www.cakejournal.com .. however I do remember I saw it but I seldom go to cakejournal, however even if I really do .. I just can't recall it and to blame on my poor memory as I don't have the habit to record it down but just to save the picture with simple title ., probably I have to be very careful in future if I use a design like such even it is meant for my own family :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy birthday Jiu2

YEAH!!!! This should be my last cake order for this year and I can have a good rest in Dec .. hahahahhaha .. so I can start to bake bread for my mil which she missed them for .. 2 years? and my little Aleo will start to ask me to cook yummies for him :D :D :D

I should have rested yesterday but I couldn't reject Ko Chen as this will be her 3rd cake order for this year whom had been supporting me and she has always been such a nice lady.

She requested to have a small soccer theme cake for her brother whom is a hardcore Liverpool fan, the cake should be presented to him by little Natalie .. so she requested to put Happy Birthday Jiu Jiu (uncle) :D

Little Rena's animals cake

Mabel wanted her little Rena's 1st Birthday cake to look something like this cake, she emailed a photo of little Rena in a blue printed dress that she will be wearing on her birthday .. so I tried to mould the figurine wearing the same dress :)

Thanks so much Mabel, for allowing me to post her family and little Rena's photo in my blog .. I love the photo taken on the cake .. looks so much nicer than mine .. hahahahahha ., also so happy that they love the cake .. Praise the Lord!

The invasion of No. 1s ....

Hahahahhaa .. this was the title that my youngest son given for this cake when he saw it, I was happy to see how it turned out, it was Mabel Feng's idea to have many colourful No. 1s to put on the bigger No. 1 cake but I just added eyes and mouth to make them look cute :) .. Happy Birthday little Jun Rye !

Little Jermaine and her Minnies

Janice Teng likes this cake design but just need to change all the others with 3 Minnies for little Jermaine's 1st Birthday cake :D

Pooh & Lightning McQueen cake for Ryan

Janice Lim told me that Ryan likes Winnie the Pooh & Lightning McQueen, so she requested to have both of them on his 7th Birthday cake :D

I'm really glad to know that Ryan loves the cake that I designed for him and a big Thank You to Janice for her sweet compliments and allowed me to post the photo :D

Natasha's sweet Sesame Street cake

Ivy has finally settled down with this cake design for her elder gal - Nat's 3rd birthday because little Nat loves Elmo very much .. hahahahhaha .. I guess both of us had lost count on the number of changes in cake size and design/theme .. heeeee ... I'm really happy to know that Nat liked the cake and so were her little friends at school too :D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gingerbread man Story

Adeline told me that little Megan likes the storybook on Gingerbread man and she wished to have the story to put on her 1st Birthday cake.


Adrienne told me that Renee likes this soft toy and she wanted to have the family for her 8th Birthday cake, they are certainly not easy for me as I still can't capture the cute look of them but glad that Adrienne still likes them, so thankful for her being so kind and nice to me . ...

Sesame Street theme for Brandon's 2nd Birthday

Brandon turned 2 and mummy Sabrina wanted it to be a 'wow wow' little party for his 1st birthday at the school, and I'm so happy that I didn't disappoint her :)

Grandma's cake

Sharon Yio wanted to surprise her mummy dearest with some numbers for her to guess on her birthday cake, her trendy mummy loves karaoke and she wanted her little darling Clare to sit beside grandma and pretending that she is also singing with her :D .. how sweet was that !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Ethan's soldier cake

Doreen and hubby brought little Eason up to my house to collect the cake with Gor2 Ethan, both boys are equally as adorable and handsome.
I love to see little Ethan .. he is special to me.. so I made his cake with a little bit of extra love and am so happy to see his happy face and know that he likes it.

Beep the Bus for little Garreth

Little prince Garreth turned 2 and he likes Beep the Bus but without those musical instruments characaters, so mummy Stephanie wanted to have it carved as the bus shape for his 2nd Birthday .. hope that he will like it :D

Little Tasha's sweet sesame cake

So nice to see Sann again and happy to see little Tasha, she has grown up so much and
look so sweet and adorabel.
Tasha likes Sesame Street characters and wanted so many of them to be on her cake, and this time I need to mould Zoe which was quite fun to do her :D
Sann likes the cake that I made for my church friend's son Josiah's design, but the design was too boyish .. so I changed a bit to look sweet and lovely for Tasha :)

Le Yang's Mickey cake and his favourite ..

windmills ... Mummy Ee Han told me that little Le Yang likes colourful windmills and his favourite toy elephant, she likes the cake that I've done for little Nicholas and wanted the design to be something similar to it.

Jacelyn at work ..

This was what Jacelyn has suggested to have her figurine to dress as a homemaker, daddy in basketball attire and baby Qi Jie with his milk bottle.
I think that it will be fun to let Qi Jie mess up with the pail while mummy was mopping the floor and daddy just lazed there doing nothing while poor mummy need to tidy up the house ...
hahahahahhaaaa ..
I didn't have time to take another photo with the 'Happy Birthday' wordings on the cake board as it was added on when I received the email from her minutes before she came to collect her cake :)

Blessed Belated Birthday to Ruth

We missed Ruth's birthday last month so our cell leader requested me to bake a mini cake to make up for that, although I was rather busy on that day because I still need to do another cake order, prepare food and also have to tidy up our house for our cell group meeting .. but I really want to bless her so I gladly agreed to do it.

Pooh cuppies for Kiyaan

Kiyaan is 2 already .. and I remembered that his 1st Birthday was also Pooh theme, I am still not really back to make cuppies but, Kelly Chew said that I was not able to make them for him then, so this time she requested to have cuppies instead .. since it's only 24 of them, I guess they shouldn't take up too much of my time, so I agreed to do them specially for her :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Little Cayden's Sesame Street cake

Jolene wanted a Sesame Street theme cake for little Cayden's 1st Birthday cake, design was from her by picking from some of my previous cakes but allowed me to decide on the colour for the cake, and am very happy with the final product .. :D

Little Kate's My Melody cake

This is Juliet's 2nd order but this time is for her baby Kate's 1st Birthday, she likes 'My Melody' that I made for Jolie but I've made a cupcake candle holding the No. 1 to make it a little bit special and different from the previous one :D

Cinderella's castle cake for Claire

I am so happy to see Shireen to be back again to order Claire's 3rd Birthday cake,
actually Claire wanted to have Snow White and 7 dwarfs but I really don't have the time to mould them and so glad that Shireen managed to convince her to accept this theme which matches the invitation card that mummy dearest's friend specially designed for her.

Little Dylan and Mummy with cute animals

Mun Fen likes the animals cake tat I've made for little Ryan and wished to have something similiar to it, but requested to add some little mice and to mould a little boy hugging the No. 1 'candle' .. later, she emailed again to request 'her' to be included as her hubby thought that it will be wonderful to have 'her' in the cake with little Dylan as both share the same birthday .. it's God's grace !

So nice of Fen to email her family photo and allowed me to share their joy and am really happy to know that she and her guests like the cake :D .. Thanks so much !

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Elmo & frogs ..

Lin Kwee likes the Elmo cake that I made for little Matthias , wanted to have something similar to it but specially requested to have frogs to be included in the cake as little Oliver likes them :D

Princess with Pooh & Friends ... but not collected :(

Justina Tham wanted to have Pooh & friends , with a Princess and a carriage and little Charlotte's name in blocks to celebrate her 4th Birthday .. but it was not collected despite numerous emails that I've sent to her :( ...
I do not know what's the reason but I was not angry with her .. however just felt disappointed as I did all my cakes with a lot of love and passion + so much time and effort .. certainly will not judge her but just hope that all is well with her as I strongly believe that she didn't do it on purpose as she seemed so sincere in our emails exchange.
The blueberry buttercake will not be wasted as I will ask my hubby to bring to church tomorrow to bless his Japanese Fellowship members after having their Bible Study.

Natalie went for a ride with Barney and friends

Ko Chen emailed a photo of little Natalie sitting with Barney and Friends and wanted to have this as her 2nd Birthday cake theme.

I was so happy and felt so touched to receive Ko Chen's email attached with a Thank You note with little Nat's photos .. although I was terribly tired and busy this week , but seeing her cute little face and knowing that she likes the cake and was so happily celebrating her birthday with her little friends in the school really brightened up my day .. !

Ko Chen told me that she kept the barney figurine just like the Father's Day Cake that I did for her, until now .. little Nat will still ask for them to look and admire... how sweet !!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Noah's Ark for litte Joshua

I love this !!! Thanks so much for Janis' idea to have a rainbow, the ark at the bottom with animals moving up to reach up to Joshua as if they are celebrating his 1st Birthday :D .. She didn't asked for what type of animals and just allowed me to mould .. My job was just to design and made them as lovely as cute as I could and really felt so amazed with how it turned out .. but of course, hope that Janis and little Joshua will love it too :) Praise God!

Little Xiang Yu's garden

Clara gave me a very simple request with just a baby boy figurine and a brown dog in a garden setting, and leave the design to me which gave me so much 'freedom' on little Xiang Yu's 1st Birthday cake to play with .. heeeeeee

Chloe's Mickey & Thomas cake

Chloe loves the cake that I made for her 2nd Birthday, and this year Mummy Crystal requested for Mickey & Minnie again but added Pluto and even invited Thomas to be part of Chloe's 3rd Birthday guests on her birthday cake :D