Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sesame Street Cake - Darling Josiah

This is another special cake for our church friend, Simon and Audrey's little darling from our church., a special love gift for Aloysius' favourite baby .. haha !! My dearest boy .., he just love little babies and toddlers :D
"Dearest Father in Heaven,
I pray that you will watch over little Josiah as he grows, bless him and guide him each precous day wherever he may be, Amen"

A 6" + 8" Moist Chocolate Cake.




Anonymous said...

Dear Kellie

MAy i noe where did u get those stick for the stars? =p


Audrey said...

Dear Kellie,

We love the cake! Thanks for making it with so much love and it really shows.

The kids definitely love it too, they all enjoyed eating the stars and railway track, hahaha!


Kellie said...

Hi Nurul, they are actually wires that was used by florist shops :D

Kellie said...

Audrey dear .. it was really so happy to see litte Josiah's expression when he saw the cake .., it's worthwhile :D

I am really very happy to know that you and Simon like it .. yeah!

Anonymous said...

Thanx Kellie

u r realli gifted in yr cakes!
Kip up the good work ya =P