Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mickey & Minnie - Laasya

I was having some gastric discomfort on Saturday morning about 3am .. it was so bad until I couldn't sleep so got to wake up to start preparing for baking, seldom and hardly has gastric pain so I don't know if it's the pain or if it's just the bloated feeling .. (?) , wanted throw out but couldn't, I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to do the cakes but no way I can stop .. so I just told our Lord to ease the discomfort and let me finish with the cakes.

It's God's mercy .. that though the discomfort feeling was still there on and off ., but I managed to finish them because I had my Aleo to pray for me .. Thank You Lord! :D

Chitra likes the cake that I made for Kayla, and wanted the same design for her little Laasya's 2nd Birthday celebration.

A 8" Moist Chocolate Cake


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