Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pooh in Garden - Shannon

Dora wanted a 'Pooh in Garden feel' for her little princess-Shannon's 1st Birthday cake, the top tier to be the design as the cake I made for little Briana.

I'm glad that Dora likes the design but it broke my heart when she called me telling me that the
cake side cracked :( .., it cracked a bit when I passed the cake to her which I suspected that I've been moving it too often after covered with fondant, partly could be the weather (?) .. however, I will have to be extra careful in future to make sure it will not happen again by ensuring the the cake must be levelled and not tilted at all times ... [ sad sad sad ... :( ]


Dora said...

Dear Kellie

Despite the hiccups, the cake is still as beautiful.. no one saw the crack and the guests simply love it. And I must say, the weather was really HOT on Sat... we are all baked at the poolside. :P

dun blame urself, okie... U did a good job :)

Kellie said...

Hi Dora, I felt a bit comforted and lightened after reading your comment, and so glad that your guests like it :D Thanks so much dear!

Blessings with Love :D