Sunday, March 22, 2009

Animal Train - Xavier

My friend, Jo ordered this cake for her cute little nephew Xavier's 1st Birthday. I remembered that she likes my giraffe, so it must be a MUST for the cake .. she told me that she wanted Jungle animals but she just left the design to me .. heeee .. and I'm so happy that KH allowed me to use her idea so that I can put it on Xavier's cake .. or is it Jo's ( hahahahaha .. she told me that she likes the giraffe so much that she wanted to 'kidnap' it back home ) heeeeeee ... ;)

A 6"+9" Moist Chocolate Cake



Glad said...

Haha, glad to share the design (in fact is an honour to me), hehe. Not only Jo likes the giraffe, I like it too....

karlsfoodie said...

thanx kellie haaa
yes we love the giraffe!!!!! hahaaa