Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunshine Boy

I've received this special order for a little boy whom is allergic to many food .. the cake can't contain eggs, any diary products, berries, chocolate, nuts, so I searched the net and found one recipe without the above ingredients.

After baked .. tasted the cake and find that texture is not bad .., a very nice fragrant of soya bean milk ., Aloysius wanted to try as he felt very sorry for the little boy, his comment is - hmmmm, nice and good that it's sweet , the boy will like the cake ..

Really hope that little Reuben will like this sunshine cake and wish that his life will be full of sunshine and our Lord is always watching over him and taking good care of him .. God Bless!

PRAISE GOD!!! GOD is really so good to little Reuben, I am not just only happy because feedback that he loved this cake but most importantly, Faith called to inform me that he is now free of allergies! It may seem impossible, but our Lord made it happened .. Praise God that prayers had been answered .. and I really felt that joy from the bottom of my heart ...


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Reuben Seow said...

We are so thankful! And understand how God solidly provides! Thank you so so much! Hope you don't mind us posting a link to your blogsite!