Thursday, April 3, 2008

A cake for my cell members

It is such a blessing and joyful thing to be able to do a small contribution by baking cakes for all my cell members' special occasions especially their birthdays. Sis Peggy was so delighted to see the cake, Bro Freddy was more composed . hahaha , I love our cell .. and so glad that Ps Tim and Sis Joanne were back from their India mission trip to join us again ...

The lovely siblings posing infront of the cake .


Blessing, blessing and blessings ............ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bro Freddy & Sis Peggy !



This morning, Mike suddenly asked me if I will be making a cake for Bro Freddy and Sis Peggy. I was shocked .. errrrr, not prepared lah - so after confirming with YongDe .. he has the same intention too, so I got to rush. I told Mike that I may not be able to come up with anything too fanciful as I have many cakes / cuppies to
do in these few days, so I will make something simple for this lovely siblings in our cell group.

I plucked up my courage and made this carrot cake, it was so soft and moist, used some excess batter to make into cupcakes - just to taste the texture .. and am really very satisfied with it.

I cut the cake into half and spread some white cocholate cream cheese frosting.



The interior of the cupcake .. very soft .. very moist ... very yummy! heeeeee

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