Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Birthday Cupcakes for my dearest Brother-In-Law

It's only because my dearest sis loves my cupcakes - otherwise .. I really don't feel like doing them .. hahahahaha !!

Both David and Mae had been so lovingly sweet and nice to my Andre and even to Aloysius and Aleo, they accompanied him throughout and loved him so much .., so whatever Mae wants, I will surely try to fulfill her wishes within my limit of course .. haha , so the more - I really wish that they will come to know more about Christ and this had always been Andre's wish .. hmmmmmmmmmm

Mae told me before that David loves his car a lot, but the pot of gold is what she likes .. heeeeeeee .., I didn't know how to decorate and theme it up , so this is what I've come up with !


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