Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pooh and Friends with little Zayden

I was so happy to see Lee Ling jumping with joy when she saw the cake ( heee .. not really jumping so high .. but from her movement and reaction, she was so happy which really brighten up my day ) .. all the tireness and pain really worth it. Heeee .. why 'pain' ? my left arm was in pain for the whole day/night when I was decorating the cakes could be due to 'rheumatism' .. was praying to the Lord to allow me to finish the cakes :D .. and yes HE did !

Lee Ling just wanted to have a cheerful and colourful Pooh theme cake for her precious little Zayden .. :D :D :D

A 6" + 9" Moist Chocolate Cake


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