Sunday, April 26, 2009

A sweet HelloKitty for my sweet Vanice

Little Vanice is my bestie, Michelle's most precious darling daughter.
She promised to get a nice cake for her on her birthday, but knowing her too well that she will not 'trouble' me by asking me to help her .. though I had quite a handful of orders for this week, but I must let her 'baby' knows that her mummy loves her most, I can't help her much but just by making a sweet sweet Hello Kitty cake to please her little princess. :D
Blessed Birthday to little Vanice ..
" Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that little Vanice and her parents may know Your love with the unfolding of each year and that they'll come to know Your purpose and Your plan as they walk with You through life together hand in hand. ... In Jesus' name, Amen "
A mini 3"+6" Moist Chocolate Cake.


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