Sunday, April 12, 2009

Little Mr Men & Little Missy - Sean

When Hui Ling told me that she wanted this theme for her little darling - Sean's 1st Birthday cake, I was .. of course like to take up this challenge , but it was a bit stressful for me as she wanted quite a no. of them and I also need to carve the NO. 1 cake to place on top of the bottom tier.

I really didn't know how to position them, not sure if the NO. 1 cake can fit nicely on the cake ( but it did ! ) and just decorate as the feel leading me to .., but , overall result was quite satisfying :D

The empty spaces at both sides of the bottom tier were reserved for the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' candles that Hui Ling will put on them later.

A 6"square cake + 10" Orange Carrot and Moist Chocolate Cake.


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