Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday Cake for my MIL

My sil called me on Tuesday to inform us that they will be celebrating my MIL's birthday on the coming Saturday., and I was .. errrrrrr ... a bit rushing for me, but all things had been planned by HIM - I did not take in many orders for this week , so I guess I should have time to make a cake for her.

Already in mind that I won't be making fondant cake for her, so went around searching for designs for cream covered cakes as I don't like to frost my cakes with whipped cream, so want to make something 'simple' but nice!

Found a beautiful cake design done by HHB and decided to try on it., but I didn't do a good job .. mine was not as nice as hers .. hahahahaha ..
I made this 8" passionfruit sponge and filled with passionfruit mousse, with a layer of fresh strawberries and another layer of fresh mango.

I was too busy decorating Jessie's big elmo and another Thomas cake, that ... I didn't have much time to do MIL's cake, the jelly topping was not properly set because I've only about 30 min left before leaving the house, so need to wrap it up to hide the 'ugly cake side' .. and I was rushing all the way until we were late for the dinner.

"Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Your love and mercy over my mother-in-law, I pray for restoration of her memory and most importantly, Father .. I pray that you lift up my mother-in-law, let her find the light and let her find You. In Jesus name, Amen! "


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