Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bible scripture cake

Specially baked this cake to bless our dearest sis Angel's little darling Ezekiel that Mike and I love very much too.

Angel's idea is to have Psalm 23 'The Lord is my shepherd ... ' . She read to Ezekiel everyday since he was in her womb and felt that he is familiar with it as he will smile every time she read to him again and again :)

So I designed the cake based on the picture she sent to me via email and made a book with the scripture and figurines and was so glad that it was very well received.

Little darling Ezekiel .. may the Lord bless you abundantly with HIS love and grant you His grace and blessing all the days of your life .. Amen!


gnayenelrahc said...

hi kellie, i have emailed you on cake enquiry. but have yet to receive your reply. can you kindly reply me soon as i would like to confirm the cake order soon. Thanks!

Kellie said...

Hi .. may I know you sent email under which subject? sorry for late replies as I was busy with my cake orders especially during weekends