Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Transformer theme

I was quite stressful when Ps. Deborah asked if I could make a transformer cake for bro Allan, they held a surprise party for him as he loves surprises .. what a cute big boy ! haaaaaa ...

I didn't have much time to mould a transformer as I'm really no good in moulding such themes too .. so attempt to carve him but was not successful as I should have make the base of the legs broader but forgotten .. I just let it stand there to see if it can hold there for several hours but finally it collapsed!

I left with no choice as it was quite late and decided to bake new batches of cakes and worked till quite late at night and woke up very very early in the morning to rush on this cake design instead, but the effort paid off as our dear bro Allan loves it, Ps Deborah was happy with it too .. Thank you Lord for the strength that You've given me thoughout, AMEN!

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