Sunday, October 24, 2010

Matilda's VW Beetle cake

Raymond & Rosalind Ho are another very special friends to our family in the church, they kept us in prayers, offered help and showed us so much love during our difficult period. Last year, she had already told me that Maltida might want to celebrate her 21st birthday this year and I glady offered to bake her a cake to bless her with what God has given me.

Ros came to my house 2 weeks ago to confirm that cake that Matilda wished to have, her dream car and the theme to be in hot pink, dark purple and white. I was pretty excited as I've never carve a car cake before and because it's not a paid order, so the stress was not there .. all I need to do was to ask for our Heavenly Father's guidance and wisdom to help me to make it as nice as possible as all I love to see was Matilda's smile when she sees the cake :D
This is a 3 tier cake ( Bottom tiers = 7"+8" square cakes, I've carved the car by using a 6" square cake hence there are some wastage after carving )

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