Sunday, December 19, 2010

X'mas Cuppies

It's the time to share the joy with others during this season .. I thank God for this gifted talent given to me, that I may use it to bless others whenever I can.

These cupcakes were made upon request by my youngest son - Aleo's cell leader, sis Wai Leng, for the kids in her cell group.
I always try my best to help her even this week was really busy for me, as it was an amazing arrangement by God for her to help my 2nd son - Aloysius in his maths for the preparation for PSLE 2 years ago that he got an 'A' for the subject that he did not do well since young.

I made 20 for her cell group and 15 for Mike to bring to the Japanese Fellowship that he is serving, to bless the members on Saturday :)

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