Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mickey cake for little Jayden

Serene wanted a mickey for her boy whom also likes vehicles .. there isn't much space for other vehicles to place on the cake, so I hope that little Jayden will be happy with the train and little car to accompany Mickey to celebrate his 3rd birthday.




angela said...

Hello kellie,

thanks for posting all de lovely pictures of ur creations and I am so inspired by them.

I dunno where to start, but I wonder if u do give lessons on doing those toppers. I wish I could do them too, so dat I can also bake for my son's teachers this coming Teacher's Day.

I can be reached at edandchest@yahoo.com. I think I'll probably take a day from u. I promise I'll b a fast learner.. hahahah...


Sandi said...

I saw your castle cake on Cake Central and found your blog from the picture. What an amazing person you are, not just because of your beautiful cake, it's your faith in Christ that just pours out onto your pages of your blogs. What a blessing you are to all those around you, and sharing the light of Christ through both of your blogs. Sandi

Kellie said...

Hi Sandi,

I didn't do much for the Lord, just a bit on my part to bring glory to Him in whatever I do ..

Thank you so much for your kind words ..

God bless you and your family,