Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pink Castle for Enya's Sleeping Beauty Cake

I started working on the cake at 8pm after returning home from the Japanese fellowship yesterday from 10am - 5pm, however couldn't finish as it was already 11.30pm as we need to attend the 1st service this morning.

So, I woke up at 4.30am and managed to complete by 7.10am .. but not satisfied with the head again .. this was the 4th head that I've changed .. 1st one cracked .. and changed the 2nd and 3rd one because didn't get it right.

Esther told me that Enya likes the castle, the carriage and sleeping beauty, favourite colour is pink, without having much stress as she leaves everything to me .. so have all the requirements in mind .. I made a Pink Castle Cake .. it's Moist Chocolate cake for 20 serving ..

Received text from Esther this morning, I was so delighted that little Enya loves this cake, her guests gave good review and comments .. that the cake not only look good but taste as good.

All the little gals attended the party were screaming and wanted the doll and carriage, heee .. of course those were meant for little Enya .. so Esther gave out the towers to them instead .. they must be happy enough to receive them le bah .. heeeeeeeeeeeee

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