Monday, January 11, 2010

Pooh & Lightning McQueen

I made a terrible mistake for Royce's 4th Birthday cake .. no excuse for me to blame on my fever last week, truth was that I wasn't fully recovered hence my mind was still at the 'blur' state. Initially, Ai Lee wanted Thomas in a cute farm environment but when Royce saw the cake that I did for little Ryan in Nov 2009, he likes the McQueen and wanted to change the design to Thomas & McQueen.

No idea why .. WHY????? I've totally 'forgotten' who is Thomas? Ryan's cake had been registered in my mind and I did another same design except I added 2 cute animals for Royce thinking that it will be a cute little surprise for him .. but I guess it became a shock for me when Ai Lee called me to inform me of the mistake I made.

I thank God for such a nice lady whom did not even raise her voice or was angry with me, she was still so polite and nice and forgiven me .. How should I thank her enough for accepting the wrong design ?? Yes, I do have something in mind :) Thanks so much Ai Lee!

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