Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Cake for a special mummy

It is so nice of Ko Chen to remember Mummy Cynthia on this special day, she emailed to me and asked if I can accept this order, after linking to Charmaine's blog .. I agreed without hesitation :)

I've been wanted to do something for little Char .. not just only because she has the same kind of illness as my darling Andre, but also .. I just felt that our Lord wants me to be braver to face such situation, by seeing the happy look in her face brought some comfort in me.

The strawberry cake house was the idea from little Jase and those animals are from his idea too, while little Char requested for barbie dolls which I have to disappoint her because time was too short for me to get them :(

This cake is specially made for mummy Cyn on this special day .. I pray for our Lord's blessing for this strong mummy with strength, health, peace and comfort to go through this period and I pray for HIS healing hands to be upon Charmaine as this will be the greatest comfort and wish for Cynthia.

Blessings with lots of love, Kellie

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